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  • Hi,

    Sorry for delay in replying (I've only just seen the notification, I usually browse on my phone so the indicator is tiny!)
    Thanks for the kind comments. Been watching Hubot's scratchbuild thread with interest. Must post a comment soon.


    Fixed now! It seems that some of the paragraph got turned into a header. It'd be great if you left urgent stuff on my user talk page over on the wiki, as I check that more often than the forum here.
    On some further investigation, the Access to Crew Quarters image (Home From Home 1.png) looks bigger because of its different aspect ratio (dimensions). The gallery is programmed to keep all the images in it to a certain width, usually 198px. But because the image is a lot taller than all the others it appears bigger. If you compare it to the image below it you can see it's the same width.

    So there's nothing to worry about - at the end of the day it's just the weird way the wiki software handles images :)
    Those newest ones are spot-on! Although they do have a faint blue tinge to them...

    As long as file size remains under 1mb they're okay. There's nothing stopping you upload anything bigger, but on an image-heavy site like Thunderbirds Wiki fast loading is essential.
    I've just seen that! One thing you can do is, instead of print screening the frame and then cropping it, is to use VLC player. Built into VLC player is a neat function that allows the user to take a snapshot of the film itself, rather than an upscaled version that media players produce. Perhaps that could be a solution?

    Am cropping that image now :)

    No, it's okay. Someone else messaged me in relation to an unrelated matter. If I were you I'd turn email notifications off in your preferences!
    I've deleted the one you uploaded today (it wasn't too small, rather being surrounded by a lot of white!), and undeleted the old (good) one.

    If you're using VLC to play discs, there's a built-in feature to save what frame is currently displayed straight to your computer! It's probably the best way to take screenshots, as it's capturing the raw footage, rather than the screen displaying the footage.
    Paint, if you're using a Windows PC, should come pre-installed. Just search for it, and when it's loaded hit the big Paste button. Then you can crop the image and save it as a png.

    One of the images has been deleted. Not sure why but I'm trying to find out.

    Don't worry about the border - I'm fixing it right now. In the future, would it be possible to save them as a png from Paint? pngs display much nicer so we can get all the goodness hidden in the models without going full screen :)
    No problems :)

    What method did you use to extract the photos from the Word document? The image on the wiki could do with being of a little higher quality. Maybe make the image larger in Word first?

    Thanks for the welcome, and for being a continual supporter of the Thunderbirds Wiki :D
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