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Recent content by bobs56

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    Sam Loover's Car

    HELP!! Does anyone have any idea what wheels were used on Sam Loovers car? I'd love to have a go at a decent size version, say 1/18 or larger. Bob
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    Massive Sale

    As I know I'll never get round to building/finishing, I have the following for sale. All below are un-touched/boxed (just looked at then re-wrapped/boxed) Studio scale Antique Viper (Jaws Models) £ 175.00 Studio scale TOS Viper (Mike Salzo) £ 190.00 Studio scale New BSG Viper MkII (F&M Models)...
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    Kaman Huskie

    WANTED. Hawk/Testors Kaman Huskie Helicopter for a Helijet project. Does anyone out there have one spare:thumbup: pretty please:yes: Bob
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    Stingray New build

    Been working on the forward torpedo tubes, as I wanted to extend them into the hull (i'll eventually add lights). The process took a full weekend, and I'm almost happy with the profiles. Isn't filler a wonderful thing:yes: I also added filler to the top of the yellow 'bump' as i wanted the side...
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    Needed to 'kick-start' my SHADO Mobile:yes: Has anyone got a spare set they don't need:thumbup: Bob