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  • Hi Brian,

    Thanks for your response. And Im glad to hear that you have so much work. Good for you!

    Perhaps you can help me then. I am inexperienced when it comes to individuals who provide finishing services - ie professional model making. I am located in Los Angeles. Presuming you still sell the DEWEY kits, would you happen to know of any reputable individuals who would be able to make the model - and make it good?

    Thanks again (and glad to hear 1612 apparently screwed themselves!)


    PS - just so I have an idea what a fair price is for such finishing services, what have you charged in the past for completing your DEWEY kit?
    Hi Brian, it was quite a shock at the time, but that's a few years back now and as it happens 1612 didn't ever get the models off the ground, they are still advertised as coming soon. At the moment I am really sorry I can't provide the finishing service as I have quite a backlog plus I have started work on a couple of other projects so I don't want to make any promises I can't keep. I am just in the process of updating the website with new pictures etc thank you for your interest,
    Regards, brian
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