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  • Hello Robert!
    I wanted to let you know how much I adore Destination: Moonbase Alpha. I pick it up every time I pop in one of my Space 1999 dvd's and usually end up watching for any bloopers, as well as the comments from the artists involved in the episode I'm watching.

    And speaking of artist comments, I don't know how you managed it but am amazed and delighted at how you included comments, stories, and all sorts of information from so many people. :)

    My favourite character was Prof. Bergman so I was very interested in his comments on the episodes as well as what happened to him and his character post season one.

    I was probably the first person in Canada to have your book and have recommended it to so many others. I will most likely have to buy another copy soon as mine is very well read. ;)

    Thank you very much for a wonderful book. :=]

    I just finished reading your DESTINATION:MOONBASE ALPHA book. It is a brilliant intimate production book on the making of SPACE:1999 as told by those that actually were there. It is a must read for the knowledge within. Thanks for writing it Robert.

    Hey guys,
    NEWS UPDATE on my SPACE:1999 blueprint CD release. For extremely great reasons the blueprint CD is on hold. A business holding rights to the show have expressed interest in my prints. For now that's all I can tell you. I will keep you updated.
    Hey Guys,

    Just letting you know that the Space:1999 blueprint CD is almost ready for release. No date or price set just yet.

    Just so everyone knows I have broken away from the STARLOG tech notebook format and this CD release is no longer considered "set #6"
    This blueprint project is my own venture and will not be connected in anyway to the STARLOG publication. All 5 of my past blueprint sets will no longer be available in that format.
    Therefore this new blueprint CD will be CD issue #1. It will contain a mixture of prints from the past 5 sets along with some new prints that were to be released in set 6.
    This way with each new CD release the blueprints will continue in chronilogical order instead of skipping around as the past sets did.

    I am currently correcting several small errors on the older prints to be released with issue #1. Look forward to a totally redrawn / rethinking of my old MAIN MISSION print and a new COMMAND CENTER print.
    I will be redrawing everything that STARLOG did for their manual so as to be included with my reference manual. While they might not be in issue #1 I will be drawing correct scale prints of the Commlock and all 3 versions of the Stun Gun.

    There is a concern for pirated copies of my CD being sold, which I have no control over. But be assured that there will only be one address where my CDs can be purchased. Each CD will be hand numbered and registered to the purchaser. Along with a few more measures you will be assured you are buying an original blueprint CD and not a pirated copy.

    I posted this on one of the threads, thought you might like to read,

    Hey guys,

    since I'm not an AMC member I cannot announce the release of my blueprint with a new thread. So check back at these old threads on my blueprints and I'll try to keep you updated.

    The format of the CD has changed. Instead of being set #6 this CD will be #1which will include the exterior and all levels of the MOONBASE ALPHA site plans along with a few more new prints along with prints from the older sets.
    This is so I can start the tech manual all brand new and from page one on forward. This way with each CD release each print will be released in order instead of out of sequence. Each section of the base will have it's own folder. Ie: MEDICAL will contain all the medical center blueprints. RESIDENCE will contain living unit blueprints and so on.
    There will be 4 to 5 MAIN folders with sub folders within pertaining to that subject with each CD release. These will be : MOONBASE ALPHA, HARDWARE, SPACECRAFT, ALIEN SPACECRAFT and a special folder, COMING SOON. This folder will show newly drawn prints to be released soon along with some of my planning sketches of old and new prints. And a look at my pre production sketches from my 1999/2000 collaboration with Johnny Byrne and Christopher Penfold to launch a possible NEW TV series of SPACE:1999.

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