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Recent content by CalgaryAlphan

  1. CalgaryAlphan

    ALPHA: 2012

    Plans have been announced publicly for ALPHA: 2012 - A Space: 1999 Event. See this link for all current details: (I'm posting this in The Big Screen, as I can't find a more appropriate area - I see there is a section for 2011 events, but not for 2012 events.)
  2. CalgaryAlphan

    NDB Media interviews Catherine Schell

    This Sunday, October 17, at 9 AM Pacific Time. Catherine Schell will be interviewed in a special internet radio program. This one-hour show will be hosted by Richard Rattie and Robert Wood. Listen, call in, join the chatroom, and participate in this rare opportunity to discuss Space: 1999 with...
  3. CalgaryAlphan

    NDB Media program on Space: 1999

    On September 26, 2010 @ 9:00 A.M. PDT/12:00 P.M. EST September 2010 marks the 35th anniversary of the debut episode of Space 1999. NDB Media in coooperation with author Robert Wood have put together a lineup of guests that will knock your socks off. Guests are still being confirmed so stay...
  4. CalgaryAlphan

    Eagle Sighting on "V"?

    Did anyone else spot this on the most recent episode of "V"? Approximately 38 minutes into the show during a Visitor induced flashback memory sequence, the character Tyler has a memory of himself as a child holding a model that looks like an Eagle... Or at least it looks like the mid-section...
  5. CalgaryAlphan

    Catherine Schell at Journey to Where Con

    Attention all sections Alpha! We are pleased to announce that Space: 1999 star Catherine Schell has agreed to join us for the Journey to Where Convention in Austin, Texas, July 16-18. Given the relaxed atmosphere we anticipate at our convention, we are sure that all those who attend will have...
  6. CalgaryAlphan

    Birmingham Memorabilia

    The upcoming Birmingham Memorabilia show at the NEC is looking to be a great event. Here is the main website: The guest list includes Space: 1999 actors Zienia Merton, Prentis Hancock and Catherine Schell ! There's also a fairly interested collection of other...
  7. CalgaryAlphan

    "Mad Scientist" Magazine article on 1999

    The current issue of "Mad Scientist" magazine features a 4-page article on Space: 1999 written by fan Richard Gladman (of ). The issue is #19, Spring 2009, and can be ordered here: The article is a charming...
  8. CalgaryAlphan

    Hello from new member CalgaryAlphan

    Hi All, I'm sure I know quite a few of you already, but wanted to put my first post on this forum up here as an intro... I'm Robert Wood, I've been a fan of 1999 since the 70s and have been involved in fandom since 1984. I won't list too many things, but briefly: I'm very proud to have worked...