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  • Hello, I just got back from being stationed overseas, (Germany Army), and I am new to this so please bare with me. I do not know how to post a so-called Hello to all of You and introduce myself I have been trying to look for info on Space 1999 uniforms for Tony and Maya. Can you help? Send me in the right direction? Thanks for any assist you can give me. Joseph Stationed in N.J.
    hi there, have built the ufo that i had of you a while ago, are you saleing another one
    if so i would like to have or order one from you and what spear parts have you got
    for this ufo the part that i would like is the clear round circal ring bit that sits inside
    of the plate. are you doing a ufo with a fitting motor to it for spinning it around or do
    you know anyone that is... cheers neil.. p.s. you can email me on my new email
    address, which is
    Hi Bernie -
    Hope all's well.
    I have a strange request. I know that one normally has to purchase an AMC Membership to advertise things for sale, but I am wondering if I might get a "waiver" for that, just 1 time? Here's the thing: a friend of mine and fellow modeler has hit on some hard times due to the fact that his wife racked up some serious medical bills from breast cancer treatment. He's a very accomplished model builder and has done some work on commission. He has a fabulous model that he built for himself that he would like to try and sell. It's a 1/32 scale Apollo Command & Service Module (CSM) with 2 astronauts doing an EVA (Apollo 16). He built one before on commission and got $2,500 for it. So, what I'm requesting is if I could post an ad for it in the forum somewhere? I wouldn't do it without your permission, of course. I can send you some photos of it if you like and/or put you in contact with the guy if you want to verify all this. Let me know, ok?

    Good to hear you're getting yourself straightened out and taking good care of yourself.
    This place would fall apart without you at the helm! Anyway, thought you might like to see the website I've been working on with my web developer (who also happens to be the office manager at my job). It's mostly gallery stuff, but I'm adding to it little by little. Take a look and let me know what you think...
    B.P. Taylor
    Hope all goes well with your illness now you know what root cause is, im nearly 50 and getting used to it myself.
    im sure you will be out jogging soon.
    Hi Bernie. Thanks for your support and kind words, about the skydiver kit, it is much appreciated. It took qiet a while to finally get it released, and so far have had a very good responce, Film industry is very slow at the moment so lots of spare time, so ive started on my next small project, a studio scale shado intercepter. Ipurchased your exelent photoes of Phil rays original model, they have been of invaluable .Ihave a little favour to ask, it would be a great help if i could get some dimensions from the model basic overall length, width at the forward cheeks, width across the o.m.s pods etc Because this model still exists, i want to get as clse as i can without actually seeing the model in person, one thing i have realized, is how uneven the original model is . If you could help that would be great. best regards from down under.
    Hey there, just letting you know that if you are on face book drop by my profile and I'll add you as a friend. I am set on private so message me letting me know who you are . My profile is Paxton Young.
    Hi Bernie, I hope you are well. I think the forum is excellent and I am enjoying logging in each day to read through the threads. I would like to make a suggestion for the forum that I think would be a great benefit to the members here. When I am reading the posts a lot of the builders on the site often refer to kits that were used in the construction of various models, Airfix, Monogram, Revell etc. If someone mentions for instance that an "Airfix/Dapol travelling crane" was used for this part or a Monogram 1/48 B-58 Hustler was used for that part I have to go trawling the internet trying to find a picture of the kit that was used for the part and on most occasions can find nothing more than a picture of the box. I think it would be very useful for reference if you had a board on the forum dedicated to the models that were used in the making of our favourate sci-fi vehicles and sets so we could reference them when they are mentioned. Ideally scans or pictures of box art and parts on sprues from the kits, with a ruler for scale would be brilliant for members like myself who do not know what all these parts that keep getting mentioned are. I was reading one of Mike Delamers threads last week and it made me go out and buy the Dapol girder bridge because I had never seen one and I was trying to follow what was being referred to. When I got back home and saw all the parts everything clicked into place and the scale also became clear to me. I hope you consider this request Bernie I cannot be the only member here who would benefit from being able to reference these kits.
    Thankyou for the forum John(Healvis)
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