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Recent content by Captainplaid

  1. Captainplaid

    beak clamps

    Same here if possible?
  2. Captainplaid

    Dear Mamas, Canadian Mike here I see you are build another SKy1 I missed out on buy a kit from...

    Dear Mamas, Canadian Mike here I see you are build another SKy1 I missed out on buy a kit from you any chance this might happen.
  3. Captainplaid

    22" Eagle and display pad

    Thank you for posting your build journey very inspiring indeed and I too can't wait for the next updates? Question: the pastels you have are soft not dry pastels?? My curiosity is I have always used dry for weathering how did the soft go on and even more so when you did a clear coat any...
  4. Captainplaid

    Tin Tin Puppet

    Hello Gent's, One of my dream projects is to have a replica puppet of Tin Tin? To displayed next to my replica TB6 Alan when all said and done. Can anyone tell me if one of the surviving puppets was ever molded and if so can anyone help me acquire a head casting of Tin Tin? Best of...
  5. Captainplaid

    Thunderbird 1 (large model & reference)

    Hey all, About two years ago now i lucked out and acquired a rare japanese kit by,"Big model" of Thunderbird One. It really is a big model made of white injected dense foam with a resin skin. It had metal fins,metal cooling fins, brass thruster ring's plus working wing's. It's at my other...
  6. Captainplaid

    Big Thunderbird 3

    Howdy Gent's, As we are a Global group of fan's for all thing's Anderson? I am hoping one of you may be able to give me a lead or a link in my quest for a large TB 3? I know a rare kit was made in Japan called,"Big Model" as i have there large TB 1? But sadly i can not track down there...
  7. Captainplaid

    White Star Line/RMS Olympic fan

    Hi folk's it's Michael in Canada, I truly hope you all won't get to upset by me posting this here on the forum? I know it has nothing to do with any of our subjects or topics? But it's a real passion of mine to study and collect thing's related the "White Star Line" and the RMS Olympic. A...
  8. Captainplaid

    Calling International Rescue "Puppet sized TB5 receiver"

    Hi folk's, Like many of you i am alway's amazed when you discover what Gerry Anderson's Prop Department actually used? When it came time to build and detail it's superb vehicles and those detailed little sets. As a Puppet lover also ( let's just keep that bit of info here please) i...
  9. Captainplaid

    Thunderbird scaled original Lights?

    Hi all Mike here, On all of the Thunderbird's equipment working surfaces they used multi colored blinking lights. *Does anyone know what was exactly used and can show an example here? *Does anyone here have a contact for these be it vintage or modern remakes? I have been looking on Ebay...
  10. Captainplaid

    Virgil Tracy head casting

    Howdy Guy's sorry for the long absense from the Forum, but my Father had a stroke & heart attack then they found cancer every where. So as you can imagine my life is a slight mess for a while now, so i am trying to keep my mind on fun stuff to escape a bit. Virgil Tracy is my FAB fav...