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  • Hi Captain
    Could you upload your images again of the Mars Space Probe Transporter onto the Fanderson Forum Facebook page? I would like to see these again, as it was several years ago and they are not on the Eagle Transporter Forum page anymore... please share it was a great model!
    Hi Capt I am new to the boards, I am interested in the Sky 1 model and Skydiver as well I live in San Francisco bay area of Calf, USA could you please give me a price in US dollars for both and also the built finished as well.. I would like to see photos of the unbuilt parts of the kits and a parts list to see if I have the skill to build this kit or if I would be better to buy it finished. Thank you ED
    Oh yeah, be sure to email me your shipping address as soon as possible
    Your package is coming today and I may be able to post it friday morning.
    s Copter watchdog hould be here in a day or so Jim, probably wont get to post it until after the holidays unless the wife can get off early one day. I'll let you know, and Merry Christmas!
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