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Chris P
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  • Thanks Tom, I too have health issues after damaging my spine in an industrial accident in 2005. Just finished a lengthy battle with the government over benefits (which I won).

    Re the Eagle build, the hardest part for me has been correctly cutting & shaping the brass tubes. That said once I got started you develop techniques that seem to get easier. I am glad I started on the spine I think the cages, CM & engine mounts will be the hardest.

    There are some things about my build I am not entirely happy about, but ultimately its nit picking.

    I hope you get yours started again soon, I would like to see your progress.

    Always great to browse your work log, gives me a lift and something to look forward to,until my health improves and I get to do more on my 23" RE builds.
    I worked in a exhaust center, and welding and the odd brazing job came up, but I think the eagle is another skill set I will have to learn, for now im content to watch your progress.

    all the best

    40 years since your last brazing job, now that reminds me of my brazing and welding jobs, doesn't time fly by.

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