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chrisw's latest activity

  • chrisw
    chrisw replied to the thread 60's Century 21 merchandise.
    Hi again everyone, these are the 1967 set of Washington pottery mugs I mentioned. Each came with a chocolate Easter egg back in the day...
    • 037D9132-A52A-4668-8A9F-0916DDA4CD36.jpeg
    • 291D204B-E544-4E36-B086-172F99A265AA.jpeg
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  • chrisw
    chrisw replied to the thread 60's Century 21 merchandise.
    Hi everyone, some more bits I’ve managed to photo but more std pieces. The Dutch postcards from 1967 have some nice images . The other...
    • 3DE54DA7-4633-4DBD-AC13-9EF997D6D1BC.jpeg
    • 04F410C1-E175-43DD-8F3E-3438CCBEEF70.jpeg
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