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Recent content by chrisw

  1. chrisw

    60's Century 21 merchandise

    Hi again everyone, these are the 1967 set of Washington pottery mugs I mentioned. Each came with a chocolate Easter egg back in the day . Enjoy! Has anyone got any decent pics of the Lone star Anti Mysteron rifle I ve never actually seen one only a pic of someone who had one in their collection .
  2. chrisw

    60's Century 21 merchandise

    Hi everyone, some more bits I’ve managed to photo but more std pieces. The Dutch postcards from 1967 have some nice images . The other images are all things most everyone has seen but in A1 condition. I’ve got a full set of Washington pottery capt scarlet mugs which I’ll photograph shortly you...
  3. chrisw

    60's Century 21 merchandise

    More bits as requested. Some of my favourite items are the books. They are just indicative of the era especially the cut out clothes books which are all absolutely pristine . I wonder if you gave them to kids now what they would make of them.Simpler times, but none the less fun.
  4. chrisw

    60's Century 21 merchandise

    Some more capt scarlet bits for your amusement. I do have the rub down transfers for the Letraset scene unused but i can’t load the pic .The pic with the Barrett collectibles on the Xmas 50 sweet cig box is unopened. It does include an Xmas novelty . I’m just wondering if anyone knows if it’s...
  5. chrisw

    60's Century 21 merchandise

    The redesigned site makes posting pics a lot easier. Now I can share some better quality pics of my collection .I’ve got all the activity books all unused in shop stock condition. I am however restricted to posting 10 pics at a time. Here’s some to look at just for info together with some other...
  6. chrisw

    Post your last Gerry Anderson related purchase!

    Some of my stuff there’s loads more if anyone’s interested in pics
  7. chrisw

    century 21 spc

    Hi Has anyone got any photos or schematics on how the rocket firing mechanism works on this. I just bought one but not sure if the metal strip under the figures in the cockpit is sitting in the correct position as the rockets do not fire. Thanks Chris W
  8. chrisw

    60's Century 21 merchandise

    evening all Having only just joined I posted my opening post in the wrong section!!!:( As previously mentioned I collect Captain Scarlet merchandise from the 60's. As we are all custodians of our respective collections I joined with the aim of learning and sharing about anything and...
  9. chrisw

    60's Captain Scarlet merchandise

    Hi everyone Just joined having been an interested observer for a while. My total an absolute passion is Captain Scarlet and have spent 25 years collecting original 60's merchandise for both CS and the Angels. I have a good collection with some interesting pieces and am willing to share any...