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Recent content by connoisseur69uk

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    JR21 Joe 90 Macs Car - Remote Control Version

    I have just bought a really nice JR21 Joe 90 Macs Flying Car But as usual a piece is missing, the white cross piece that goes from the cab to the tail. I understand someone was making a repro part a few years ago, if any one knows where I can get hold of one it would be much appreciated or if...
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    JR21 Thunderbird 2 Restoration Project

    I have finally acquired a 1960s JR21 Thunderbird 2 with all 4 legs and with a little swapping a round have managed to make it look half decent. Boosters and pod from a donor model, a wash with soapy water and it looks great, but it is let down with partial or completely missing decals! I...