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Recent content by cytherians

  1. cytherians

    Original AMT/ERTL Eagle kits... not worth the trouble?

    I've read up a little on the AMT/ERTL Eagle kits, how there was a re-issue that wasn't too bad, quite a few steps above the original. But what of the original? If one of those kits is found, is it worth bothering to assemble? Or best left to forgo and get the updated kit? I have two original...
  2. cytherians

    What would have made "Dragon's Domain" even better

    The "Dragon's Domain" was one of the best episodes in Space:1999. There were many things to like about it, no doubt. But having just watched it again... I couldn't help but notice a few things about it that I wish had been different. Especially at the end. First, we have Cellini and his...
  3. cytherians

    Were the bottom notches really necessary on the Eagle?

    There are a number of things I liked about the Eagle and a few that bothered me. The forward facing windows were completely flat, which is fine for space but terrible for an atmosphere. However, we clearly see 4 notches on the control module, almost as if the bottom ones were windows as well...
  4. cytherians

    Space:1999 - major flaws from the very start

    When I first watched Space:1999, I was immediately taken by the SFX and models created by Brian Johnson and Martin Bowers. They were top notch for the day. The stories in Season 1 were a bit heavy on the cerebral, which didn't match the already serious stretch of plausibility taken with the...