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  • Dear Mr Burns,
    i am very eager to buy a Studio Scale sandcrawler acrylic base patern from you. If you could contact me in regards to purchaseing a SS sandcrawler I would be extremely greatful.

    Best Regards,

    My name is Gregory. I live in the US and I'm new to the forum. I'm acquiring critical parts for a 44" Eagle build. I found the listing for your Command Module and am interested in buying one with windows. If available, please forward me price and ordering info. Also, if you produce other key parts, please let me know. I'm just starting the build and need the basics.

    Thanks in advance,
    hi robert i sent you an email to see if you still have any 44 transport pods left i missed the ebay and now have some extra funds also need some more leg pods and walkways and a cm i can pay you today paypal give me a price thanks steve can be damaged ones thats ok i can fix them up i would prefer as cheap as possible
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