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Darren Robertson
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  • Guys, just letting you know Eagle Forum will not let me advertise the release of my blueprints, so here's the latest update. CD Vol One will be released Dec 1st. I will have more details in the following days.

    You can also visit my blueprint home page on facebook The release date for my first volume of Space:1999 blueprints will be released Dec 1st / 2nd. More details coming soon.

    You can also visit my Space:1999 blueprint home page on facebook:
    Moonbase Alpha Reference Guide Home Page

    Good to know you will be around for a while... had me worried for a moment, i have suspended my eagle builds for a while and moving to an 1/16 German Tiger, not the Tamiya type, Heng long with metal upgrades, still a cheaper road to travel.

    All the best

    Great to browse today and see an update to your build, i don't think any of us mind how long it takes as it's a breath of fresh air to be able to watch the build log.
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