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  • Hey Phil,
    Hope things are good with you.
    I have a couple of questions for you.

    1) Do you have any of your Angel Interceptor drawings available? I thought I'd seen them on the forum but I just can't seem to find them anywhere and I was sure they were posted.

    2)You mentione dyou had an original Angel interceptor. Do you ahve any updated photos or any photos at all of this.Other than a few promotional photos and some screen grabs of my own there isn't a great deal of reference of this vehicle.

    3)Do you know what happened to the Spectrum Hovercraft at all - there seems to be virtually no reference of this available at all other than a couple of promotional photos.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Feel free to email me here

    Thanx Phil,


    Hi Phill are you still selling stuff I would be interested in doing some builds for my own personal display .steve
    Phil, any chance you can post some close up shots of your Angel Interceptor studio model ? I am doing my best to replicate it but it's so hard without the detail. It would be great if this forum could even nail some of the decals down. Thanks.
    Hi Phil
    I sent you a pm earlier today. I wondered if you could have a look at it, as I needed some info on a Narcissus model.
    Many thanks em11
    Hi Phil, I still have your Stingray ratemasters here!!!!!!!! Do you want me to post them over? Regards, Bob Smith
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