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  • hi are you still selling main doors I still want to buy them for my new upgrade eagle? I know I asked you before where you got other pictures for computer banks and other mis. paper cutouts but I cant remember or find the email address .You told me you must have told me because I still have a few left but I need more thanks for your help. Troy
    I paid you in good faith in our ebay transaction, if you wont send me the ship and all the stuff you promised, can you at least give me the 300$ I sent to you. Please contact me at I still have hope that you will do the decent thing and choose to finish our transaction. The ball is in your court.
    hi was able to bye some main doors on e bay so thanks though, i was able to buy most of my parts to upgrade my restoration from e-bay so its goin good.
    Hi Paul,Sorry I thought I sent you a message like this before? This is collectinmikey, I changed to eagleharbor after I couldn't log on and a big mix up with my password and stuff, but eagleharbor suits me better,since I actually work there in real life for the ferry system down here in WA, I believe I told you before(our repair boat is actually licensed as "eagle 1" :) Anyway.. I just came across your message you sent me like 4 months ago (to collectinmikey). Yes, I was very much wondering how the buggy was coming along and Im sure your side doors are awesome too :) my old address was 1615 ne perkins way, shoreline ,wa....... my current shipping address, for should be a very long time is....Mick Bry.....19098 Harris st. ne .......Suquamish,WA. 98392 Im glad we can help each other out with projects, Im currently working on a mattel style awasc probe that I got perdition from the designer of the"pods u like" deal to make into one. its looking very cool, I have made a Maya and Tony in the orange astronaut scale. if you want to see pix? I finished my mattel scale ultra probe capsule but I wasn't happy with some of the length, so I choped it up an its on my bench waiting to be put back together... Are you going to the convention in September, in LA? I looked at the booth prices,very reasonable,would would you consider sharing a booth for"mattel space 1999 customs" items for sale? let me know, Ill watch this site more often,Thanks,Mick
    Yes im waiting for my order form or a responce to my request for your Resin Doors: $20 plus postage (will take a couple of weeks) i am realy interested in them and i am almost finished with my referbishment of the eagle , im thinking of doing the landing gear with 40 dollar ea. 1/2 in.robart struts that actualy work
    Hey Paul, That sounds great. It looks like we think along the same track and have a lot of similar ideas as far as the Mattel eagle.I have like 15 of them mostly in parts in my little workshop and probably looks a lot like yours. I just sent another custom Mattel hawk to a guy in New york that made a special order. I have a few rescue,VIP eagles done and 3 more Hawks almost complete and 4 lab eagles 1/2 done on my workbench. I was going to have a big sale on e-bay this season but am going through personal problems with house permit remold stuff and a divorce (a nice one but still a lot to figure out) So that put a damper on all my stuff till like next spring. I do love talking Mattel eagles and would gladly chat. I can even send some pictures and templates to make your own rem pod if you like (shouldn't be much trouble for you with all your knowledge).I would gladly share techniques with you if we could be curtious to each other about not taking advantage for multiple sales on e-bay unless we talked about it first.Maybe we could work together in some way in the future to get people excited about the Mattel eagles.I have also been working on a ultraprobe and have future plans for a swift and a special Falcon project that would use the front half of a gi-joe shuttle as the command module (look at one on ebay and check out the bottom looks a lot like an early eagle would) = future plans for a 44 inch size eagle with lots of new stuff in better scale with the orange figures (kindof like the new, big SW mill falcon. Anyway I like the stuff in the picture you posted. Keep in touch, (its actually ) Mick
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