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Recent content by Duey

  1. Duey

    space academy Seeker ship

    Seeker from (space academy). Model is 8" long 1/72 scale.
  2. Duey

    UFO ring tone for my cell

    I finally got the UFO theme song on my LG cell phone. Now when I am modeling and it rings, Wow ! I get even more happy. :thumbup:
  3. Duey

    Studio Scale UFO Moon mobile

    Here is my Studio Scale Moon mobile masters. There will be some parts that will be replaced as I have found the original kit parts. More to come later, thanks for looking.
  4. Duey

    Need to identify a part for the 44" Egale

    OK, I need to know what kit part is this from ? Or was this a part that was made ??
  5. Duey

    Treehawk ship from terrahawks

    This is a 1/72 scale master hope to have kits in the Captain's store soon ?
  6. Duey

    Studio Scale UFO escape pod

    With my love of UFO I wanted to do as many models as I can. So this time around I am making the Studio Scale UFO escape pod. I got all the kit parts for the master, so! let's go. :thumbup: I molded up a 6" plastruct dome and 4 AirFix parts and 1 1/2" acrylic balls. There are a few more parts to...
  7. Duey

    I need David Sisson email ??

    I did go on his web site and I did try to get it there but no luck. In one of you would please give it to me I will be very grateful. :)
  8. Duey

    Happy Holidays

    I want to wish you all Happy Holidays !! Please be safe and have lots of fun. :thumbup: Duey
  9. Duey

    First Look at Eagle Deluxe Edition

    First Look - MPC Space:1999 Eagle Transporter Deluxe Edition. :thumbup:
  10. Duey

    The 224575 from UFO

    I do not know what the ship is called ? Only have the call numbers (224575). Kit will be available soon. Size is 5 1/4" long and will have a clear canopy. :thumbup:
  11. Duey

    new eagle kit from round 2

    Here is a link to all the new kits coming out.
  12. Duey

    Doctor Who cybermen spaceship

    cybermen spaceship 8" long by 4 1/2" wide. This is a fun build.:thumbup:
  13. Duey

    Please Vote on new kit from Revell

    There are space 1999 kits and I voted for the 2001 kits. :thumbup: :clap:
  14. Duey

    I need some UFO picture help?

    Can some one on here capture a few pictures off of the UFO dvd for me? Please PM me if you can, thanks! :cheers:
  15. Duey

    The Jagaroth from Doctor Who

    There are not enough Doctor Who space ships kits out there. :( This one will be fun to do. :thumbup: It has Tom Baker in it, my favorite. Kit is 8" wide by 5 3/3" long with 2 vac-u from parts. Here is what I got done so far.