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    Lost Wax Caster (Brass) Required

    If anyone can do lost wax casting in brass to a very high standard, please get in touch. One-off job. :)
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    Wanted: Fine Metalwork *Artisan*

    Yup. This is a biggie. I need someone who can reproduce this reasonably accurately in brass (from these images). Note size. Please advise via PM if you can assist. :) :)
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    Back to the shop floor!

    Well, that's me done! Handover of the domain and forum is complete, less probably a few loose ends here and there. Thanks to Bernie and Chris for their patience - I hope it was as smooth for them as it was for me. I'm being 'retained on staff' as a mod and will be sticking around (quiet in...
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    Bigtrak is back!

    ...well, bigtrak Jr at least. :thumbup:
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    Thanks for your Messages

    Just a quick note to thank everyone who messaged me recently before and during the closure. I was deluged and unfortunately don't have the time spare to reply to each and every one of them. It's good to know I'm amongst friends. :) Here's to 2010! :thumbup:
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    New Moderator

    Please welcome our new Moderator, JD. Cheers, James. :clap: :thumbup:
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    Dan O'Bannon (Alien, Dark Star) Passes away...

    :(,0,4358785.story Dan O'Bannon, shown in 1985, wrote the script for the 1979 film "Alien" and also wrote and directed other sci-fi and horror films. (Courtesy Los Angeles Times)...
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    'Contentious Subjects' to be canned.

    I've been dwelling on the ethos and general direction of this forum lately and, with the wise input from our moderators, have decided to can Commissioner Simmonds' Rubber Room, effective shortly. As Craig (CR) so succinctly put it (if he doesn't mind me quoting): Makes sense to me. :yes...
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    Anyone wanna buy a forum and domain name?

    One careful owner. High mileage... :( :roll:
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    Guys, there seems to be a misunderstanding about email Notifications of Private Messages. In them, it is stated: Is there any part of "DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL!" (stated twice) that people don't understand? I'm not fussed personally but if you do reply to the notification via...
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    Eye to the Telescope - Listen again on BBC iPlayer

    When KT Tunstall was a little girl, her physicist father used to take her to the St Andrews Observatory, so beginning the lifelong fascination with space travel which inspired her first album Eye To The Telescope. She's not alone. From the early days of the space programme, artists have been...
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    *************Don't post anything***********

    We're having dramas with hosting. A full restore from yesterday is about to take place and all posts (since yesterday) will be lost. Don't post anything! Back soon.....
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    Sick to Death...

    ...of Chinese and Indian spammers. I've banned/deleted several dozen over the last few days and each one takes several minutes to do. It's even worse when I have to clean up the shit that they spread on the board if they manage to post. As a result, they're eating into my time which needs to...
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    BRITAIN'S GREATEST MACHINES with Chris Barrie "MACHINES THAT CHANGED THE FACE OF BRITAIN" A new series with Chris Barrie premieres on National Geographic Channel on Thursday 4th June. What were the greatest machines in each decade of British history? Chris Barrie tracks down the mechanical...
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    Big Brother pics leaked. Looks kinda familiar... :think: :yes: