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Recent content by Fenton

  1. Fenton

    Eaglemoss Space 1999 announcement

    Anyone heard anymore about this Hero Collector release , guessing that Covid may be delaying any potential run ?
  2. Fenton

    New Site Issues / Feedback

    It's all good now thanks 👍
  3. Fenton

    New Site Issues / Feedback

    Good to be back. Is there an issue with the sites security certificate though , as I'm warned not to log in ?!
  4. Fenton

    RIP Roy Dotrice

    Sad to learn of the distinguished actor's death yesterday aged 94. His skilful portrayal of Commissioner Simmonds was one of scheming malevolence personified
  5. Fenton

    De Agostini

    Hi guys , today I had an email from part~work publishers De Agostini asking me to complete a survey regarding potential future collections. Among the various sets of cars , aircraft , military vehicles etc was a particularly interesting one - reproduction Dinky replicas of Gerry Anderson models...
  6. Fenton

    Series 1 Blu ray sale

    Evening chaps , just a heads up to let you know that the good people at Network dvd are offering 50% off on series 1 blu ray (reduced to £12). Hurry as it only lasts a few days. Hoping that we soon hear an announcement on the "Autumn 2015" release of series 2 !
  7. Fenton

    How did YOUR 1999 pan out ? ...

    I was five years old when the show first aired and instantly loved it (still do of course) , one of the things i used to wonder on was what would i be doing in 1999 ? - fantasies of space travel and adventure sadly did'nt come true but i did experience a broadly similar feeling of detachment and...
  8. Fenton

    Wanted - Boxed PE 12" Eagle

    Hi all , would consider any variant. As my finances are rather stretched at present i would prefer a possible exchange deal - i have a few Konami & Gerry Anderson Dinky models (plus other original collectables that may appeal - Action Man , Star Wars etc) If anyone is interested then please PM...
  9. Fenton

    Gerry Anderson Collection

    Apologies in advance if a similar thread exists elsewhere on the forum but it recently struck me that it's odd that Gerry Anderson has yet (to my knowledge) been given the diecast collectors partwork treatment ? In the last 2 weeks Eagle Moss publications have released both the Star Trek...
  10. Fenton

    Returning Crewman

    Hello everyone , my name is Fenton. I was a member on here years ago but forgot my log~in details so i decided to start from scratch ! I'm looking forward to it :+)