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Recent content by fireflashfive

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    44" Eagle leg pods

    Here's some pictures of the leg pods made by Phil at Creative Service Industries in Manchester. They are truly stunning and I cannot recommend them highly enough if you are wanting to save time on building them. Doug.
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    UNCL Moonbase Alpha Service Vehicle

    This is my version of the service vehicle kit produced by UNCL. The crane was from an Italeri 1/24 truck accessory kit. I added additional piping for a bit more detail. The decals are a mix of ones I made and printed and kits ones. Doug.
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    If Space: 1999 had been a Supermarionation series......

    .........then maybe this would have been the puppet of Maya. The donor puppet is a kit of Destiny Angel. I wanted a puppet of the character and not the actress. My partner did everything on the puppet from building the kit to the painting, doing the hair and making the dress. It has Swarovski...
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    Wanted - Chemiwood leg pods for 44"Eagle

    Does anyone have a set of Paul Gray's chemiwood leg pods for a 44" Eagle they want to sell? Drop me a PM. Thanks, Doug.
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    UFO on Bluray in Germany

    Amazon Germany are listing UFO on a single bluray disk to be released on 14th June. It contains 9 episodes, presumably the first 9. No news of a UK release though. Doug.
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    1/350 scale Enterprise kit coming

    I've just read over at starshipmodeler that Round2 will be releasing a 1/350 scale kit of the original USS Enterprise next year. Really looking forward to this one. Its been rumoured for ages. Glad it has finally been confirmed. Doug.
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    UNCL S.I.D. build

    After having this kit in its box for the last 5 months, I have finally got round to starting it. Minor cleanup on the front section halves and they glued together without any bother. I have also cleaned up the whitemetal parts, which I hate doing! I'll post more updates as I progress. Doug.
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    Delivered by Santa this Christmas

    I was very lucky to recieve this gift at Christmas. A solid glass block with a lab Eagle and Space 1999 logo etched into it! To say I was gobsmacked was a bit of an understatement. I have never seen anything like it and only three have been made. Apologies for the grainy pics...i really must...
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    Alpha storage containers and moonbuggy - 1/32 or 1/35

    Can anyone help with the dimensions of the hexagonal storage containers? I am looking to make them in 1/32 or 1/35 scale to go with the diorama for my laser tank. Also has there ever been a moonbuggy in the same scale? Any information would be most appreciated. Doug.
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    New Robert Harrop Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet

    Robert Harrop have some new pieces in the Thunderbirds range, namely Fireflash, Firefly and a re-issue of the Tracy boys. They also have a new Captain Scarlet figure and also an SPV that is so wrong in colour. Pictures can be found at;
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    Laser Tank diorama help

    I am looking to make a diorama for my recently completed UCNL 1/32 Type 3 laser tank. I am in two minds to do either a hangar or lunar surface diorama. For the lunar surface option, can anyone help with some tips on how to produce the lunar surface? I'm asking for suggestions on how to create...
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    Stun Gun made by Propmaker

    I have a Stun Gun made by forum member Propmaker. This beautiful replica is made from resin and machined aluminium parts. It contains a red laser pointer built in operated by the gun's trigger. Doug.
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    UNCL Type 3 laser tank - work in progress

    I have attached a few pictures of my build of the UNCL Type 3 Laser Tank kit. Overall I have been very impressed with the quality of the kit, with only minor cleanup and a very few airholes to fill. Work to date has involved cleaning up all the parts and spraying them with a white primer...
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    Propmaker Stun Gun for sale

    I have a Stun Gun made by forum member Propmaker for sale. This beautiful replica is made from resin and machined aluminium parts. It contains a red laser pointer built in operated by the gun's trigger. Open to offers on this. Postage to the UK mainland is free. International postage cost will...
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    4' Moonbase Alpha model

    I found this over at Starship Modeller; Looks great especially with all the lights! Doug.