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Recent content by Flashheart

  1. Flashheart

    Sci Fi Airshow Eagle Boneyard

    I jus noticed they had added a visit tio na Eagle Boneyard and was wondering how accurate the sizes were. if accurate then it is a damn good resource for human/passenger pod scale issues. Though its sad seeing all the abandoned Eagles.
  2. Flashheart

    Shrike SHADO Interceptor Mk3

    I realized i probably should have put my Raven Interceptor in this section, but being based on 1999 tech i suppose it works either way. But this one is definitely grounded in UFO. It is still a work in progress but i thought id share it to get any opinions from the experts here. The Shrike is...
  3. Flashheart

    Raven Moonbase Interceptor

    Hello. Havent been here in a while, real world keeping me busy etc. I wanted to get opinions on this one from the experts here. We were doing a roleplaying game recently where SHADO was working behind the scenes to take over Moonbase Alpha (long story but it was based on the concept that the...
  4. Flashheart

    The chance of anything coming from Mars are...oh bugger I don't think i have posted these, but i thought id show my interpretation of the Martian Tripod
  5. Flashheart

    1/270 non fighters

    I thought id post for opinions a couple of my 1/270 ships designed to be minis for the X Wing game. But not actually fighters. The Rampart class Imperial Cutter, The Ravenheart, a smuggler conversion of a scout craft and the Voidrunner civilian transport. The detailing could be finer...
  6. Flashheart

    Prototype that went nowhere....

    Sadly due to people moving and lack of computing power the B7 inspired web series i was going to be involved in went nowhere. But i thought id show, since im pretty pleased with the design, the prototype of my Galtek corporation pursuit ship. It is probably pretty clear which ship was a big...
  7. Flashheart

    Cumberbatch = Avon

    While re-watching Sherlock i had the sudden realization that i was watching Avon and (admittedly a not so cowardly) Vila. Guess that solves a casting issue....or am i wrong?
  8. Flashheart

    My Eagle and Owl Miniatures

    Not sure if these should go here or in the tabletop gaming section. If they need to be moved let me know. But i am rather proud of the way they came out and wanted to show them off despite the unpaintedness. This is the first eagle i have made (other than model kits etc) so im working towards...
  9. Flashheart

    1999 ownership

    So we are working on publishing a Space 1999/UFO crossover roleplaying game with miniatures and all. But have no idea who owns the current rights. I know this site is a storehouse of information and i was wondering if anyone here knew who has them now
  10. Flashheart

    Any definite length on the Eagle?

    Hello again havent been on for a while. Regular life interfering and all that. But, and i think this question has been raised before, but im hoping it might have been settled... How long is the Eagle? I ask because upon completing a 4 inch Eagle miniature and being rather please with the detail...
  11. Flashheart

    Peregrine Interceptor

    I wasn't sure whether this should have gone in the UFO page or here, but i guess because of its link to the Falcon (Goshawk) and Hawk this works. Another non canon design based on the idea that the jump from the SHADO Interceptor to the Hawk is a bit of a big one without something in between...
  12. Flashheart

    Falcon Attack craft

    Taking break from the fiddly bits on the Steam Eagle i decided to try my hand at making a non canon ship for a 'later season' of 1999 based on the premise that after losing an Eagle in every other episode they might decide to build a dedicated attack craft (i know the flaws in that, but i just...
  13. Flashheart

    Steampunk Eagle..sacrilege or cool?

    In the section where i originally posted my War machine, the idea of a Steampunk Eagle was mentioned...well here is the first basic computer comes refining, hollowing and tweaking, then sending it off and seeing if it prints and if it can be made affordably... Opinions? Is it...
  14. Flashheart

    My Martian War Machine

    Finished in the sense that my design is one i am finally happy with, When i receive another i will paint it etc, this one now belongs to a friend. My Martian War Machine, i am quite proud of it though wish i could get a better pic. I made this one so its legs and tentacles could be posed...