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Recent content by gonzman70

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    How to shape the brass for an Eagle Frame

    I still have an 22" AB Eagle laying around and I like to build the frame out of brass. There was the great tudorial about soldering from DX. Unfortunatly I couldn find anything about "how to shape the brass parts for the frame" and witch tools would be needed for this. :think:
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    Spine booster for IR Lab Eagle

    I like to add a spin booster to My IR Lab Eagle. Is there an available kit ?` And the two engine bells have to be the same, as the main engines - right ? Thanks :lol: Holger
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    Two Eagle questions

    I love the design of the Eagles, but some features didn`t make sense. At first the cool looking SPINE BOOSTER. What about the angle of the two engine bells? They will press the craft down ! The other nickpicking point I have is - how can an Eagle fly curves ??? Come on - any ideas :o