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  • A quick call for Help! :~:

    Pls check Grandma Tracy's character page - in trying to do some editing, I tied myself up in a knot; and fear page is not displaying properly now!

    Pls advise...

    Thanks in advance, Terry
    OK, then, thanks...

    On a related note: Do you accept Friendship Requests, here on ETF; and if so, may I extend one? You've been such a huge help to me with Thunderbirds Wiki; and I thought it best to ask you first...

    Cheers, Terry :)
    Just saw your note - Thank You! :yes: Each one of these is a confidence-builder...

    Re size of Access to Crew Quarters image: I wouldn't mind at all, if it were down-sized a bit; so, pls feel free to do so if you wish...

    Cheers, Terry :)
    Tried a few more today (Thurs) - one to John's Mission page, others to TB5. Hope you like them! I'm learning a bit more, each time...

    Getting more comfortable now with various Paint tools. Pesky-white-borders problem appears solved. First try at cropping (Access to Crew Quarters), from original image; composition turned out OK, though image size came out a bit too big...

    (Per your suggestion, will be looking into VLC, which I don't think my current setup has at the moment...)

    Cheers, Terry :)
    Hello again!

    I've just attempted to post a new image, on the Thunderbird 5 page. The good news: it's from my DVD! :) The not-so-good news: that pesky-white-border-in-Paint problem again... :(

    Would much appreciate your feedback, before I attempt another one?

    Thanks and cheers, Terry
    Sorry to be out of touch for so long!

    At long last, a USA-friendly Thunderbirds DVD is safely in my hands. Couldn't find in local stores, so ended up having to special-order it. Been watching some of it this evening, and just delighted with the picture quality - all that lovely goodness, just as far as the eye can see! :yes:

    Hoping I'll soon be able to post some images once more... :pray:

    Cheers, Terry :)
    Hello again!

    I've just seen a Wiki notification re an edit to your Usertalk page; and must admit to being confused. Did my post land in the wrong spot there, and some feathers got ruffled, elsewhere? That was certainly never my intention. Pls advise...
    Well, I just attempted my first John image in Paint, and was dismayed to see it appear on Wiki as being much too small!! :~: Help!! (Please?...)

    (PS: Trying to reinstate the image that somehow got deleted, the other day...)
    A very brief addendum, if I may: I just took a look at my Usertalk page on Wiki. Thank You, for coming to my defense. She is grateful!
    Could you pls tell me more about Paint? Unfamiliar to me. Is this something my computer already has, perhaps, or something completely separate? :think:

    FYI: one of my three Mighty Atom images seems to have gone flop-bot. Not sure if something I might've inadvertently done, or is coming from your end there. Pls advise...

    Thanks, and cheers! Terry
    Hi! :)

    I just saw your message, over on Wiki. John, driving
    Thunderbird 3? Yes! :dance: Think it's the only time we saw him doing so...

    A cute little slice-of-life sequence from
    The Mighty Atom: it's shift-change time once again aboard
    Thunderbird 5, and Alan's a tad miffed that John is arriving "late" to relieve him. (Turns out that Lady Penelope had just arrived at Tracy Island for her first visit there since the events of Introducing Thunderbirds !)

    Sorry about the black "bars." I'll be more careful next time on the editing...

    Cheers, Terry ;)
    I wondered about that too (thrilled was I was, otherwise!) :think: Still new at this. Happy for useful pointers, re better sharpness for the next time? Cheers, T :)
    Got your confirmation message for first Wiki image, earlier this evening (local) - Thank You! :yes:

    (Now, if I can just remember exactly how I did it, so I can attempt another one...! :think:)
    Hello, again!

    If I may, I have a Thunderbirds Wiki question for you, and hope you can help me solve it. Here goes...

    I watch (Classic) Thunderbirds episodes on my computer, and every so often see an image I like and want to save. This involves using the old-fashioned (but still reliable) method of Alt+Print and then pasting it into a Word document. I'm wondering if TBW might consider accepting some of these images?

    Most of them involve John Tracy (1965), who's become one of my favorite characters...

    The pickle is, I don't know how these Word-saved images might be converted into a form that is Wiki-friendly. I'm afraid I'm not much of a technical person - I had to get help from some of my friends here on ETF, just to properly post my avatar!

    I'm open to whatever suggestions you may have. Thanking you in advance,

    Best Regards,

    Terry S (boatshewsd2)
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