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Recent content by gwent

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    Space:1999 ultimate fan film on youtube

    Have people seen this 1979 fan film on Youtube? It's 100% stop-motion animation and follows the year 2 format. The creator recently added music and sound effects to complete it and shared it on Youtube. It's absolutely phenomenal and I can't imagine...
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    Remind you of anything?

    Remind you of anything?
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    UFO lunchbox seen on this week's "Fringe"!

    I just got through watching this week's episode of Fringe (a great show) -- I don't know if anybody in here watches it but one of the main characters, Walter, was seen opening up a vintage UFO lunchbox briefly. I just thought that was kind of cool how they chose a UFO lunchbox to use in the...
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    New "Moonbase Alpha" game - interesting title!

    Just saw this game that is actually created by and for NASA for training. It is apparently now available for free through Steam. They called it "Moonbase Alpha", and involves trying to save yourself and fellow astronauts through a crisis on the moon. Here is the website...
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    Space:1999 alarm was used in Fringe!

    I was watching the new episode of Fringe on Fox last night, and right at the beginning there was an alarm sounding very prominently throughout the scene. It was the Space:1999 alarm that was heard only in year 2, undeniable. I knew it as soon as I heard it. I believe it was used in the episode...
  6. G it available anywhere?

    I'm wondering if anybody here is familiar with the fan film "Space:Eternal", a rapid-fire montage of Space:1999 clips set to the music from the film "Nixon". I saw it when it was originally shown at the Main Mission 2000 convention, and have loved it ever since. I've always wanted to find a nice...
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    Best way to find the movie compilations on DVD?

    I'm wondering what the best way is to obtain the movie compilations on DVD? I know they haven't been released in the USA, but they have been elsewhere. In France, the Seven Sept set comes with Alien Attack and Cosmic Princess, and includes English audio tracks and some extras. Anybody know how...
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    UFO film on the way - could Space:1999 be next?

    I just found the news that there will be a feature film based on Gerry Anderson's UFO. Here's the link: So now I'm wondering, if UFO can get another chance, I wonder if Space:1999 may yet someday find itself on the big screen. Of course, considering...
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    Doctor Who visited Moonbase Alpha! (Images inside!)

    Okay, here is something I stumbled upon the other day that is absolutely precious!! A while back, I downloaded a collection of old Doctor Who annuals that somebody had scanned. The other day, I was looking through some of them, and was stunned at the images that I came upon: In the 1979 annual...
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    Any news on Network year 2 DVDs?

    I was wondering if Network is still planning on releasing Space:1999 year 2 on DVD as they did with year 1? I thought they were going to release it last year, but I seem to recall them stating that they have pushed it back to 2008 so they could do a proper job and not rush it. I sent an email a...