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  • Hi Tom -
    OK, NOW I understand! Yeah, gall bladders are nasty and have a fairly high incidence of post-op complications. Damn damn and double damn - you're a medical miracle! You're VERY lucky to have made it through all that - a LOT of people wouldn't have. My God you've REALLY been through the meat grinder.
    Hi Karl it was a gall bladder operation and it resulted in an infection, fairly common from what i hear in the hospitals in Eire, but the heart attack could have been on the cards anyway, just the pneumonia brought it on faster so im led to believe, lots of the staff are great but some are not so great, but i guess that is the same everywhere.
    all the best

    Hey Tom - Man, you've been through the war, huh? Damn. What type of surgery did you have? I can't imagine being in the hospital for 4 weeks, even though I'm a damn nurse! Well, take it slow and don't inhale any nasty glue fumes for a while, ok?
    Hello Karl, I missed catching up with you on the forum, I went for a simple operation in hospital but things turned nasty as I got a couple of infections and had a heart attack, but that won't stop me, although it may slow me down a bit.
    it's been over four weeks which felt like an eternity as I haven't been near the eagles I have.

    all the best

    Thank you very much Karl, and im sorry to hear of a death in the family.
    the instructions are terrible, I e-mailed Ron and he sent them by pdf, and is now sending me some of the missing parts such as the aluminum legs and a couple of parts from the walkway and movable pieces on the landing pads
    Hey Tom - I've been away for a few days due to a death in the family. I will gladly shoot some photos of the landing gear - if I still have the instructions I can scan that part for you, too.
    I got in a supply of casting material from SmoothOn so I started fabricating that one tank part for the shoulder pods. This was all before I got the bad news. If I don't get back to you on this in a reasonable amount of time, feel free to give me an electronic tap on the shoulder!
    Hi Karl I put up a thread to show the lab pod and the passenger Pod of my builds, nothing much to show im afraid as I have a lot of preparation to do, I hope I can follow in your footsteps and produce a decent build, thanks to your updates and advice I hope it goes smoothly.
    Thank you for the update Karl, I hope the resin is ok as Ron mentioned that he needed to use new moulds and I hope he took into account the resin issue you have mentioned.

    I need a bit of help with the landing gear as I did not receive the aluminium bars or the or cotter pin and would appreciate a close up and some measurements please.

    your correct im in resin heaven and I still can't believe the size of these even after following your build log, I have both command module halves together and the lab pod is now down to two pieces, the passenger pod is solid with only a floor section that is separate
    OK, Tom - I bet you're in heaven with all that resin! (bit of a pun there) The Iwata I've been using for ages is an HP-C Plus model. I don't take it apart every time I use it, though it's recommended. I just clean it when it starts to "feel" like it needs a good cleaning.
    I arrached the propulsion module to my Eagle the other day so it's almost done now except for the shoulder pods/landing gear. I'm getting ready to post some pics right now.
    FYI keep an eye on your resin - the bottom plate for the passenger cabin was cast in bad resin and I ended up having to exchange it.
    Nicely said Karl im sure Sharon will agree with you.. Iwata are quite expensive and I will see how this one goes if not then it will be a more expensive one.
    Good news the eagles arrived today in one box, no manuals or brass rod, the transporter pod is two pieces, a bit of a clean up to do and I will post a few photographs before I begin.
    the manoeuvring thrusters are all individual pieces, so im sure Ron listens to what the buyers want.
    Hey Tom - It must be nice to have a partner that has hobbies, especially if one or two of them happen to criss-cross with your own! Best of luck with the airbrush & compressor. I think I bought mine off EBay, too, and they're great. I don't really have any preferences on compressors, but I'm a diehard fan of Iwata airbrushes.
    Thanks for the compliments on my Eagle. I had an epiphany the other day - I realized that I've heavily weathered the cabin section but the CM & propulsion sections are hardly weathered at all. I guess I'm going to have to see what I can do to fix that.
    Yes, this can be an expensive hobby, but like I tell my Mrs., it's not as expensive as compulsive gambling or drugs or motorcyles or a lot of other things! AND it keeps you home and happy, so all that usually stops any argument.
    Hi Karl I bought the airbrush and compressor from e-bay, how good it is only time will tell and im sure my partner will get some use out of it as she is making small houses and maybe sell them on her site.
    Roughly in Euro the price is the same for a booth as it is a compressor and airbrush.
    The Eagle is looking fantastic and I really like the weathering as it adds depth and character, hopefully my own will arrive by the end of the week or early next week.
    this is an expensive hobby for sure, but it keeps me out of mischief.
    Hey Tom - thanks for the words of encouragement. Yep, a spray booth is a nice tool hopefully you have a good airbrush & compressor to go with it! Those will probably cost more than the booth, I'm afraid.
    Hi Karl im delighted you are still staying strong away from the cigs, it does get easier as it's nearly a year for me now and a distant memory, I don't complain if people smoke I just feel sorry for them. I got the idea for a spray booth looking at your photographs as I haven't really done model making for years, and things have changed a lot, the 1/24 Spitfire I built was pretty flimsy as the plastic is way too thin, so maybe I will build a few tanks in 1/35 as I have a schnellboot, or German fast boat at two feet long.
    The photographs you provided gave a lot of insight into a great work area and has given me plenty to think about.
    I saw a lab pod build with a bent spine, so a two part is the way forward.
    Ron sent me an e-mail Friday to say they will be shipped Monday.
    Thanks, Tom! Still not smoking, though I came close yesterday. My e-ciggy cartridge ran out while I was at work and I didn't bring any extras with me. So I bought a disposable one at a nearby store and it lasted about 2 hours. So, I just gritted my teeth and slogged it out the rest of the day with nothing but regular air to breathe!
    FYI the spine on my RU Eagle was in 2 pieces. It was one of the easiest parts to assmeble of the whole kit, though. I did open up a few nasty air pockets while I was sanding it, though.
    A spray booth is a GREAT tool to have! My new house was custom built for me (after the 1st one burnt down) so I had them actually cut a round hole in the foundation for me to stick the exhaust pipe for my spray booth out of. Works great.
    Hello Karl, can't wait to get my hands on the kits, there are some changes they will be a two part spine, and no springs, but from what i have read the springs are not suitable and im waiting to get my hands on a spray booth, so this will keep me busy for a bit.

    i hope the quitting smoking is going well for you and massive props for trying :clap:

    all the best

    Damn - you're going for the gusto, Tom!! This is great - we're gonna have like 3 x 22" builds going on at the same time, or something like that. I thought I was coming in to the home stretch until I saw that one Eagle with all the fancy labels on it. Now I'm back to making decals (again). Ugh!!
    Hi Karl i went ahead and purchased my eagles today, both RU ones a transporter and the other a labpod as i couldn't make up my mind and hopefully cut down on transportation costs from American to Ireland.
    it was purely down to finding your thread as i looked for eagle references it came up in a google search.

    all the best

    I'm finishing up the Dalek right now .... probably post some photos tomorrow (need to give it overnight for the paint & stuff to dry). The 23" Replicas Unlimited Eagle is a very "challenging" kit, but I think the end result will be worth it. Ciao!!
    The site looks fantastic with lots of usefull information for all walks of life, since you mentioned a Dalek my partner is buying me one for my birthday, she is fantastic all round, im really thinking of going the same way the labpod 23" eagle.
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