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  • Glad you like my site. I started it back in the 90's, typing the HTML code out by hand. Luckily I found Netscape Composer before I had to do that for very long. The Dalek is almost done I'm hoping to finish it this weekend, then I'll go back to working on the Eagle.
    Nice update Karl im a big fan of Dr Who and managed to see a couple of Daleks in Blackpool when i was a kid, they looked huge and i remember backing away as they moved forward, never tried the electronic cigarette, i read Allen Carr's book easyway and haven't looked back in almost a year now.

    looking forward to your Dalek build and really enjoyed browsing your website.
    Thanks, Tom! I'm Karl from the USA. I've been trying to quit smoking for years and years. The thing that finally made it work was this lovely new invention, the electronic cigarette.
    As you know, that Replicas Unlimited Eagle is a real challenge to build. It's my current "mega-project", which I started last May. I'm taking a break from it for now, and working on a nice, simple, styrene kit - a Dalek from Dr. Who. I'll post pics when it's done.
    Thought i would drop by and congratulate you on quitting smoking, it gets easier with time, my name is Tom and im from Ireland and im currently following your lap pod eagle build.
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