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Recent content by headcase

  1. headcase

    Moebius Centurion

    Here's a couple of shots of my Moebius Cylon Centurion from the "re-imagined" BSG. It's 1/6 scale so it's pretty large and a lot of fun to build. I bought the Tenacontrols lighting kit for it and so far have managed to nearly destory it in the process of assembling it. Ugh! I am a complete &...
  2. headcase

    Blood & Chrome

    I finally got around to buying a copy of Blood & Chrome on BluRay, and since the subject area here is CGI, the entire thing was filmed in front of a green screen with very few props or scenery. It has the look & feel of a video game, which is what it was originally intended to be. Just my 2...
  3. headcase

    WANTED: Spine Mounted Booster Pod Kit for 22" RU Eagle

    Looking for a Spine Mounted Booster Pod Kit for 22" RU Eagle. The only producer of these that I know of is apparently only making them in pre-built form now. Also - anyone who is a reputable figure modeler I may need some figures built for me. PM me for details if interested. Ciao~!!
  4. headcase

    Dragon Models 1/72 scale Saturn V

    The real space modelers are really buzzing since Dragon Models has announced a soon-to-be-released kit of the Apollo Saturn V in 1/72 scale. The previously released display model (pre-painted & built) left A LOT of room for improvement. New Ware Models has already jumped on board (Thank You...
  5. headcase

    Lost in Space Alpha Control Logo

    I just thought I'd share this with y'all. I needed a decal of the Alpha Control logo from Lost in Space. I was able to find a photo of a patch fairly easy: but couldn't find an emblem. So, I printed the thing, traced it, scanned the tracing, and took it from there and this is what I ended...
  6. headcase

    Polar Lights 1/350 Scale TOS Enterprise

    I received my lighting kit for the big Polar Lights TOS Enterprise Beasty last week, so I'm beginning to contemplate actual BUILDING the thing. It will be my next big project, right after I finish my Eagle. I'm just wondering if anyone else has started one of these, or maybe even finished one?
  7. headcase

    Comic Miniatures Mk 3 Dalek

    Just finished building a Dalek! I built it as an Earth Force Leader from the Invasion Earth 2150 movie. I scratch built the beam weapon (left arm) and replaced the claw that came with the kit for the right arm with a toilet plunger (a half of a fuel tank from a space model). Other than that...
  8. headcase

    Color of TOS Enterprise

    OK so I bought the new Polar Lights 1/350 scale TOS Enterprise kit and it's nice and real big and blah, blah, blah.... The painting instructions along with some info I've found on the www state that this Enterprise is a greenish/gray color. Here's an article on CultTVMan's site by Paul Newitt...
  9. headcase

    Drawing Black Lines on Models

    OK I ran a search and didn't turn up anything on this, so here goes. I've looked at probably hundreds of photos of Eagles now, as research for my own build, and something I've been wondering is: how does one make nice, dark lines on a model. I've seen Eagles (both as CGI and other peoples'...
  10. headcase

    Wanted: Model of a Dr. Who Dalek

    I've been searching the www all morning for a decent model of a Dalek from Dr. Who, and so far all I've seen is an out-of-production vac-formed kit from a company called "Sevan", and a really over-the-top Airfix kit of 2 Daleks with electronics. Anyone know of some alternatives to these...
  11. headcase

    Moonbuggy, 1/48 scale, Larson Designs

    Here's a few photos from the Moonbuggy I just finished. I bought it to put next to the 23" Eagle I'm building, for some scale. It's painted with Tamiya yellow acrylic and Testors black enamel. Here's what it looked like still in the package:
  12. headcase

    IPMS National Show 2012

    I'm still catching my breath and resting up from my trip to the IPMS National show/convention in Orlando last week. I can report that I spotted 2 Space: 1999 related models on the tables. One was a small Hawk, which looked really good but I forgot to snap a photo of it. The other was a very...
  13. headcase

    My Moonbuggy

    OK, I got my Moonbuggy in the mail last week. Looks like a fun little kit to build. The quality of the castings is pretty good. There was only 1 pin hole in the upper part of the body and just a tiny amount of flash to claen up. Also, the resin is very thin in a couple of spots but a couple...
  14. headcase

    I WANT! I WANT!!

    Can't afford it, but I WANT it!! :cry: 1:650 (49 Inch!) Silent Running’s Valley Forge by Hunk of Junk Productions One of my fave sci-fi ships of all time.
  15. headcase

    Markings/Painting Guide

    Not sure if this is the proper forum for this question. Hope I didn't get it wrong! What I'm wondering is, if there is a guide somewhere to the "correct" paint scheme and/or markings for the Eagle somewhere? I've run searches through the forums and copme up with zilch. I bought the JBot...