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Recent content by healvis

  1. healvis

    Cheap Airfix 1/24 Spitfires John.
  2. healvis

  3. healvis

    Guess what I found?

    Hi all, I went to my Village Fair yesterday and came away with this little goodie. I know of 2 Bower models it was used on. John.
  4. healvis

    Star Maidens

    Filmed around the same time as Space1999 and made at Bray studios. Lots of familiar faces.
  5. healvis


    Hi All, I just picked up Uncle Bills new MSV kit and wanted to show you how nice it is. It's made from solid resin and includes very nice decals, wheels, front light lenses, axles and seperate top fin. It is also quite heavy. Thanks Bill for producing a beautiful kit of the MSV. John.
  6. healvis

    30" SS Hawk Build

    Hi all, Here is my studio scale Hawk build so far. I drilled out the 2 Sat V hemispheres to allow a spine to be fitted. The 2 Sat V second stage halves are joined and 2 strips of styrene added to the protruding lip. One complete strip could have been used but I guess Bower thought a broken...
  7. healvis


    I will be going to this exhibition on Sunday, If anybody wants any photo's of anything in particular I will try to oblige. John.
  8. healvis

    Silent Running on Blu-ray

    Hi all, Silent Running will be released as a limited Edition in Blu-Ray format on 14th Nov. It's a new High-Definition master in its original aspect ratio. The Press release says it will include a booklet featuring rare production imagery. I have the Pre-production release so I can't comment on...
  9. healvis

    Profiles in History #44

    More fantastic props being sold. Here's the catalogue.
  10. healvis

    FREE Dr Who toys
  11. healvis

    Nice boxart & catalogue site

    You need to register. click gallery and follow instructions. The site has lots of old revel, airfix, etc catalogues. It takes a while to register and you might think your browser has crashed but it's worth it in the end. Here's a sample of the catalogue scans.
  12. healvis

    STAR TREK (Behind the scenes)

    This is must viewing for any Star Trek fan. A big thankyou to "Birdofthegalaxy" for posting these great photo's.
  13. healvis

    MIG Flogger Andersonised (sort of)

    I bought a cheap MIG Flogger from the model shop, no box or instuctions. I liked the shape of the fuselage so I thought I would try and build something from it that looked "sort of" UFO/Scarlet inspired. I liked the look of the rear of the plane, so I flipped it and decided to use that as the...
  14. healvis

    New METROPOLIS release.

    I was lucky enough to view the new release of Metropolis(dvd version). It gets released on 22nd November 2010. I must say it looks very clean and they have done an excellent job getting the contrast to look correct. Also included are 25 minutes of footage thought lost which has been edited into...
  15. healvis

    Eagle 3 - Leg-pod part

    Can anybody tell me what this part is from please? Thanks.