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Recent content by Hectors House

  1. Hectors House

    22" laboratory Pod images - anyone?

    So I have my 3rd MPC eagle. 1 as original 22" with scratchbuilt Pod with whinch. My 2nd will be as Martin Bowers 22" built for season 2. BUT! I've now noticed that there is a 22" Lab pod (which is why I've brought the 3rd eagle). Does anyone have good images of this 22" pod? I can only find...
  2. Hectors House

    Small Ultra Probe correct dimensions?

    Hi There, Ok so Martin Wileys site states that the 2.5ft Ultra Probe is 84cm in length. I'm getting ready to build a copy (as close as possible with removeable beak capsule) and I can't see how this is the correct length; as I can't calculate it any smaller than 3ft or 92cm. I'm happy to be...
  3. Hectors House

    22" Eagle question?

    Hi, Can anyone tell me whether the original 22/23" miniature Eagle's oleos are spung or not? One person says yes, someone else says no. Doe's anyone have a final say on the matter? Much appreciated Hector
  4. Hectors House

    New Modelling App coming your way in 2016

    Hi Everyone, Coming soon from those fine gentlemen at Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller comes a new exclusively Digital magazine for all modellers regardless of their tastes in genres. The Modeller App Launches in Summer 2016 available on all app store platforms and a website should be on-line soon...
  5. Hectors House

    Stuart Freeborn Associates 44" Eagle 3

    Hi, Can anyone tell me whether the 3rd 44" Eagle built by Stuart Freeborn Associates is still in existence? From what I can gather this Eagle was severely damaged during the crash sequence filmed for Space Warp. Does she still exist and if so has anyone got any images of her? Hector
  6. Hectors House

    Kirbi/Vollmer - which is the one?

    Hi Guys, I need some advise, I have found a company who sells trackside railway kits. They are Pricy, so which kit do I need? There is an Oil Refinery kit and I'm sure that it is the one used in Stingray and Thunderbirds, but it is not Kibri it's Vollmer. The kit number is 45525 - is this the...
  7. Hectors House

    Alclad II Black Primer/Micro filler

    Right I have some of the new Alclad II Black Primer/Micro filler. Smells a bit different, can I still clean out my airbrush with Celulose Thinner?