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Recent content by Helder Crespo

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    Original Dinky Factory negatives on eBay

    I just came across these interesting negatives, showing the very first issue Dinky Eagle Freighter being manually boxed, as well as a publicity shot also done at the factory...
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    Instant Moonbase Alpha... just add Sorella lamps!

    The recipe: just add one - or more! - Sorella lamps to any room in your house and you'll get that Moonbase Alpha look and feel we all know and love. The ooops: vintage Sorellas are scarce (I got mine in Holland some years ago after a long search) and those that happen to come around end up...
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    Space:1999 - towards a Blu-ray edition

    As most forum members may know, the series has been carefully remastered in HD by BBC Studios and aired by ITV HD back in 2006. Any ideas or suggestions to propel a Blu-ray release in the not-so-distant future? I've read that massive requests to Amazon appear to have worked for other series and...
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    Original studio used stun gun prop

    Although original commlocks are well documented, with plenty of photos and information (and some actually fan-owned) the same doesn't seem to be the case with stun guns. I've done extensive research, and apart from the well-known screen stills (see, e.g., The Catacombs), I've only managed to...
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    Turbo boosted propmaker stungun

    I'm posting a few pics of my recently upgraded 'Propmaker stungun' (the first image is the original unmodified stungun, shown for reference). These props are absolutely amazing, and whoever is lucky enough to own one of these knows what I'm talking about (hopefully, Roland will be making some...
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    How to remove the PE/IR 23'' Alpha Moonbase decals

    I was able to efficiently remove the original Alpha Moonbase decals in my PE 23'' Transporter by simply scraping them off with the sharp edge of a standard plastic card (credit card or similar). The photo below shows how this can be done without causing visible damage to the underlayers.
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    Sixteen-12 - 44 inch Eagle Project

    Yes, a 44 inch Eagle in the £1000 range: