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  • Hi Tom good to hear from you and i hope you continue to get better. I like to see some photos of that tank, the german tiger is one of my favorite designs and 1/16 scale is impressive looking when done right. jeb is my initials, my full name is James Edward Bible and yes thats my real last name. If you have a facebook you can send me a friends request, i will post a link to it. I don't have any model builds on it yet but you can see some of my photography, i'm always interested in people's feedback. Anyways i hope you keep getting better and again i glad to finally hear from you.
    Hi Tom.

    Yep, the last time I did any brazing I was 11 years old doing metalwork at school, but its coming back to me!

    I can't wait to see how you assemble those legs. I pushed thin brass rods through the holes where the hinges are then super glued them in place, only to discover that several of the hinges were frozen (glued) in place and I had to tear them down and rebuild them. Ugh!
    Hi Tom -
    Here's a photo I did of the landing leg hardware. I couldn't find the instructions that came with my kit, probably because 1) they sucked so bad; and, 2) once I got really familiar with the bird I didn't need them anymore, so I probably chucked them. Let me know if you need any more info. Glad to help!
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