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  • just stunning the photography and i have a thing for water wheels the black and white shot is out of this world, i don't use face book much but i sent a friends request any how, so much to see on your photographs that browsing once couldn't do them the justice they deserve.
    very nice indeed.

    Hi Jeb although im still trying to work out your first name and im sure i have read it on one of your posts.
    Still finding things hard going although i thought i could wave a magic wand and feel better faster, and my doctor said take it slowly.
    im building a German 1/16 Tiger from Heng long and Taigen metal upgrades, a cheaper way than Tamiya i suppose, not alot of modeling involved but it takes time also.
    the eagles have primer and very little else, but i need time to devote to the builds.

    Take care

    Thanks for that, thats quite a compliment considering i don't have any eagle builds to share. I do try to help everyone with research but i love doing that anyways.
    Always good to see you on the forum, as you make the forum tick I think, your enthusiasm is much to be admired.

    Thank you my friend, I feel better been at home to be honest, watching four walls for over four weeks was a real pain.
    I hope to have updates soon.
    I see you have many comments on the forum and all are enjoyable to read
    WElcome back Tom good to hear from you, just saw your post on headcase's thread and notice i had a message. Glad your doing good and are out of the hospital, was wondering what happen to you. Hope to see some updates on those two eagles soon but you take it easy and continue to get better.
    Hello Jeb, I haven't been around for a while, I was only supposed to be in hospital for a week and it ended up just over four weeks, you wouldn't believe what happened, im still in disbelief myself.

    I hope to read your posts as I have missed many, and it will give me something to look forward too.

    all the best

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