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Recent content by john_trek

  1. john_trek

    Uniform - technically not exactly a model

    Just a quick post showing my progress to date on my Year II uniform. I actually made it a few years ago, but it always needed a few fixes here and there. With the upcoming Alpha convention here in Los Angeles in September I decided to dust it off and make the fixes I always wanted to make...
  2. john_trek

    Moonbase Alpha Scratch Build

    Some years back I built up the old MPC Alpha kit with a sculpted lunar surface, somewhat modified buildings, and rebuilt (and much more accurate) launch pads. But, even though the project turned out nice, I always wondered what to do with the radically out of scale mini-Eagles that were...
  3. john_trek

    Commlock and belt

    My first new project posting here in lord knows how long. Nice to be back. With Alpha:2012 coming up (and next door to me in beautiful uptown Burbank) I thought it was time to dust off the old uniform I made many years ago and fix a host of problems. I'm starting with the belt and commlock...
  4. john_trek

    Launch Pad 5

    This is an old project from long ago. I think it has been seen in one of the "fleet" threads, but never posted separately. I got the idea when I ran across a small Eagle toy in a thrift shop. It was called a Hawk (oops) but it was a good start. It took some work to get it to look like an...
  5. john_trek

    Moonbase Alpha - full base Year 1

    I completed this project a few years back, but never got around to posting it. I started out with ambitions to model a Year 2 version with the extra out lying buildings and launch pads, but didn't make my platform large enough, so I settled for the basic layout. The basic kit parts come from...
  6. john_trek

    Spine Boosters

    Or, as Cmdr Koenig called them, 'additional booster units'. This is the set from Small Art Works, which I had bought the same time I got the Ultra Probe Command Module... which means they have been sitting in their plastic bag for a looooong time. I added small connecting pipes...
  7. john_trek

    Rescue Eagle - Fixing those darn red stripes

    I put it off for years. But now with booster pod, then cargo pallet, and standard Transporter pod Eagles complete ... it was time to do those damnable red stripes on a Rescue pod. It was about as painful as I figured it would be. I really don't like the VIP pod all that much, and since I...
  8. john_trek

    Decals for 12" and 23" Eagles ?

    The addiction has returned, and I'm back to working on Eagle projects. I've got 6 Alpha logos left for 12" scale Eagles from an old sheet I've got from Tangents, and once they are gone (which will be very soon) I will be stuck. No more repainting and detailing PE Eagles (and I've still got...
  9. john_trek

    Cargo Pallet Eagle

    I made the cargo pallet pod out of a base for an ERTL Eagle pod and a lot of plastic rod and sheet styrene. It was a background prop in my Hanger Bay for a long time, then I decided it was time to finally tackle a PE re-paint and detail project. Here is the result. The base is...
  10. john_trek

    Eagle Pod Interior - take 2

    Mike's Resuce Pod Interior project gave me the push to start work on this long delayed project. As usual, I got a little too ambitous. I decided to not use either the PE shell (not good at cutting metal) or the ERTL pod (inacurate, and not the same length as the PE version). So essentially...
  11. john_trek

    Ultra Probe Command Module

    After having the SAW kit sit in it's shipping container for many months, I finally got around to doing a quick build. And, naturally, had a few hiccups along the way, so it wasn't all that quick, probably took 3 weeks all told. And even at that, the first test run on some of the decals...
  12. john_trek

    PE Booster Units - Do they sit too high?

    Ever since I got the Eagle Gift set, I've been meaning to repaint and detail the strap on booster units. They seem generally accurate, though there are a few things that are a bit off, particularly the engine nozzels.... they should be angled slightly apart from each other. Instead, they are...
  13. john_trek

    Launch Pad complex

    Here is my take on one of the mysterious outlying launch pads that we didn't see until year 2. As all of you doubtless recall this design first showed up in The Exiles as the pad attatched to the Research Area caves. It later made appearances in Brian the Brain (the Swift used one), AB...
  14. john_trek

    Eagle Hanger Bay

    Since I last posted any pics on this subject I have completed quite a bit more of the hanger. Including a ceiling and light box. To recap some of my previous postings on this, the walls and almost all of the support equipment (scaffolds, light posts, etc) are entirely scratch...
  15. john_trek

    Year 2 Alpha Interior diorama

    Years ago I bought a resin garage kit figure (3 guesses as to what the figure was originally). I converted it to a Year 2 Command Center operative, and always said "one of these days he needs a home" Last year I finally got around to building him one. The room I constructed would not be...