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Recent content by johnnybear

  1. johnnybear

    Space 1999 Discussion forum

    Does anyone know if the Space 1999 Discussion forum is still viable? I tried to join it today but without any luck as it rejected my username and then my e-mail address! So I persevered and made up a new name and my wife's e-mail address but upon looking in on the posts there hasn't been...
  2. johnnybear

    Matter of life and death and a pause..

    I've just started watching the Network DVD version (2005) and found that the second episode (Matter of Life and Death) was a bit grating through the TV. Now that could be my TV which is eleven years old but there was a momentary pause in the penultimate scene with Helena and Lee talking about...
  3. johnnybear

    Milos Kirek?

    I've been checking every source of 99 I have and there is definitely no listing for actor Milos Kirek in Breakaway. Kirek played Jan,a brown sleeve talking to Alan Carter in the technical section when Commander Koenig arrives to speak with Carter about the Meta probe. He's not listed on...
  4. johnnybear

    Space 1999 US season 1 order?

    Hi there, I've just been reading The Complete Gerry Anderson by Chris Bentley. I've noticed differences in the US screening dates of 99 here as to dates provided by Robert Wood's book. Now I know the USA is a huge place with many different stations and that but can anyone help here? I know that...
  5. johnnybear

    Space 1999 season 1 music

    I've just received this as a present from the missus and was looking forward to listening to it immensley. But I'm shocked to see that there is no music from Dragon's Domain. Not even that eerie hum sound that preceeded Cellini entering the probe ship (it was also on Mission of The Darians,Ring...
  6. johnnybear

    Born for Adversity

    I've read a synopsis of this one a while back and also from someone who has read it but what was David Kano's fate?:o Does this also feature The Psychons and Maya's brother? JB...
  7. johnnybear

    ATV Adverts Anyone?

    I have been reading the excellent Destination:Moonbase Alpha this morning when it suddenly hit me,there isn't any references to the ATV Adverts which were screened during 1976 for season two. Now,when I bought the series two boxset back in 2004 I fully expected to see them on there but alas no...
  8. johnnybear

    Black Sun Personell?

    I wonder if anybody else noticed this in the episode Black Sun? When the escape eagle is being prepared,the alphans listen to Koenig on the tannoy as he gives the names of those who will be saved,standing in the entrance of an eagle is Sandor Eles,who appeared in Hammer films'Evil of...
  9. johnnybear

    Rev Cannon John Koenig?

    On a trip to Kettering General Hospital with my wife today, I discovered a plethora of photos identifying the staff. Imagine my surprise to discover a picture of a man called John Koenig! A Reverend Cannon infact! Imagine in our reality Koenig failed to enter astronaut school and took to the...
  10. johnnybear

    Destination Moonbase Alpha delayed?

    :cry: I've recently read that Destination Moonbase Alpha has been delayed. Has anyone heard about this at all? Apparently it's listed for 1st April next year now. oh well,that's another Christmas present up the spout.... JB
  11. johnnybear


    Does anyone know who played Mr.Hyde in Journey To Where? I used to think it was William Gaunt,but after unlimited access to his features since 1976(when I first saw the episode)On ITV 4 in The Champions,I now know it ain't him at all. Can anybody help as it isn't listed on the IMDB...? JB...
  12. johnnybear

    Devil's Syndrome/The Immunity Planet?

    I have always thought that these two episodes should have swopped titles. Devil's Planet refers more to The World of I that is I than that of Elizia. And The Immunity Syndrome would explain Koenig and Maines abilities to remain unaffected by the Entran virus and The Elnan Desperation to find a...
  13. johnnybear


    Has anyone read the Powys novels featuring the End of Eternity super villain? And can you tell me which books he appears in as I'm sure I've seen a review somewhere with more than one reference to Balor and Progron... JB