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  • This is Chris Larson of LARSON DESIGNS/LUNAR MODELS.
    I think I got a message from you ? If not please disregard.
    Hello again!

    I have a procedural question :?:, which I hope would fall within the rules of the house. But after looking through the Forum Rules/FAQs, I'm not sure... :think:

    Would it be all right to ask you about it? Pls advise...

    With best, as always, "Boatie" :)
    Has there been more trouble on the site? Couldn't get it up for a couple of days, this time. Hope I don't come across as fretting (well, maybe some). Just happy to be here now! :)

    Best, as always, "Boatie"
    You're back! :#: I'm so relieved - I couldn't get the site up for more than 24 hrs! :~:

    I remembered others posting on the Technical Issues thread, and I thought, well, guess I'm now one of the victims too... :(

    Here's hoping whatever's been causing all this is at last gone for good! :clap:

    Best, as always, "Boatie" :dance:
    Hi Karr, GrahamN is having difficulties getting on the site. Is there a problem that you can see your end?
    Hi. just wondering if you would like to respond to my (old) posting on the Puppet thread...

    "Karr1981, will you now remove your "new" first post on the thread so that Chris's "real" first post is at the top. If only to get the post numbering back to where is should be (I'm guessing anyone referencing an old post by its number would now be incorrect.)

    After all this is, and always has been, Chris's thread."

    Hello and please forgive the intrusion. I asked about the Alien Bomber from War Games when you announced that you would be selling Larson Design Kits. I am so sorry I only just saw your response. I am still interested in this kit and wondered if you were able to get one for me? Please let me know. Many thanks for your time, Ian
    Hello Karr
    I´m a new member in this forum an very interessted in your perfekt looking captain scarlet puppet.
    please contct me for further details

    Hi Karr.

    I'm new here so if i post this here in a wrong way let me know.

    I want to inform you that a seller at ebay is selling his goods.It maybe really interesting for this forum.

    Six PE Eagles 1/72 and two 23 inch PE Eagles all new and boxed.
    Prices from £99 till £899 for the 23 inch models

    Bidding price for now £5,995.00

    all from user taff123456789


    I hope i informed you the right way maybe make and post of it, it's up to you
    Take care
    Hey there. Not sure who to report this to, but I have had a warning that someone has been trying to log into my account from IP address:

    Thought I'd better let you know.

    I was directed to you to order the side pod Eagle 1 detail kit. It was mentioned these are for Paul's side pods, but wouldn't they work for any pod?

    I believe they are 12 pounds, but please confirm.

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