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Recent content by karr1981

  1. karr1981

    NEW KIT FROM WARP MODELS - 1:1400 PHOENIX NEBULA Conversion Kit (For Ertl Enterprise D)

    Hi Everyone, We are pleased to announce a new release from our friends @ Warp Models, following on from the hugely popular Honshu conversion kit, they have today announced the Phoenix Nebula Conversion kit. This model allows you to convert a ERTL Enterprise D (not included) to a Phoenix...
  2. karr1981

    deboer seaview

    Hi @petesubman , any pics of the kit you could post up on here? should help generate interest
  3. karr1981

    Round 2 Announces 1/48 Hawk

    looks good so far, im sure we will stock these when ready
  4. karr1981

    New Kit Arrivals

    Hi Guys, We have just received a small number of new releases, including the Wacky Races Compact Pussycat and the Cobra Chopper Trike (part of the Trick Trikes Series from MPC) Head on over to check out these and our other new releases -
  5. karr1981

    NEW! Warp Models - 1/35 Starship Troopers Tanker Bug!

    Hi Everyone, Warp Models is working on a brand new 1/35 Starship Troopers Tanker Bug Kit! The Kit is being designed in scale with the existing Warp Starship Trooper Bug! Diorama kits (available from our site) I have attached the current in progress pictures and Warp is releasing regular...
  6. karr1981

    Eagle Lift instructions

    Wow that was quickly resolved, thanks Flight Captain. @sliuman if you have any other issues just give me a shout, we still deal directly with Warp
  7. karr1981

    60's Century 21 merchandise

    some great bits mate!
  8. karr1981


    Awesome as always mate :-)
  9. karr1981

    New Site Issues / Feedback

    Should all be sorted now, welcome back
  10. karr1981

    Warp Models Starship Troopers Tanker Bug Model Kit Development

    Hi Guys, We have just received the latest 1/35 Starship Troopers Tanker Bug development progress pictures from Warp Models, showing the Body coming together and mocked up against the already designed thorax and Head parts. This is going to be an amazing kit! Pre-order yours now for only a £25...
  11. karr1981

    New Site Issues / Feedback

    OK ive found the setting and increased it a little bit, i hope that helps
  12. karr1981

    New Site Issues / Feedback

    Hi Barrie, I'm not sure if i can change it globally (i will look into this)
  13. karr1981

    S:99 S:1 COMMLOCK

    looks great mate
  14. karr1981


    great work mate
  15. karr1981

    Dalek Sec scratchbuild

    Looks great mate.