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Keith Young
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  • Congratulations Keith,

    I am extremely happy that your Space:1999 Blueprints will finally be released by you through the ETF.

    How is it going Keith? I still have those blueprints. I showed them to some people and they want to build the Falcon shuttle.
    Keith Young,

    Congratulations on the exclusive release of your SPACE:1999 BLUEPRINTS in book volumes at FANDERSON. I will rejoin them to purchase them. Keith do you know yet when the first volume will be released and what it will be?

    Best regards,
    Hello everyone, FEB 27, '10

    I just recieved news that FANDERSON WILL be publishing my Space:1999 Blueprints in the near future. More than likely in book volumes such as one on Eagles, Alpha, Weapons and so on. I have no other information at this time but thought I would pass on the info.
    However I will continue to draw new prints to fill any of FANDERSON's needs.
    High Keith. I wish I had bought all the blueprints you produced throughout the 80's but I'm looking forward to the CD releases. Will they be printable? I'm not a big fan of electronic media.'s great to have a face to connect to the name. ;)

    Ever since I purchased the STARLOG Alpha Moonbase Technical Notebook as a boy, I waited for the additional STARLOG pages that never came... We are all looking forward your CD release updated improved accurate excellent Alpha Moonbase Technical Notebook CDS!!! Good work Keith!
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