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Recent content by Keith Young

  1. Keith Young

    SPACE:1999 Blueprint CD. ONLY 10 LEFT!

    SPACE:1999 Blueprint CD. ONLY 10 LEFT! Order now! Blueprint CD available Now! The Blueprint sample CD is Available now. $15. for US orders $18.00 for Other Countries Payable thru Paypal One CD per person. Email must be included with order.
  2. Keith Young


    Hey guys, Is there a patch or print ready letter head of the WORLD SPACE COMMISSION logo as seen in Dragon's Domain floating around on the web anywhere? Need it for my blueprinting. Thanks Keith
  3. Keith Young

    Keith Young 1999 blueprint CD work continues

    Hey guys, just letting you know my hand is just about healed to where I can start drawing again. Should be in about a week. So hopefully I can get the blueprint CD out by this summer. I attached a pic of the interior living quarters building original drawing. That's a Pepsi Max can in the center...