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  • Hi Richard,

    Not mine, no. It is very expensive starting at £180 blimey that eye waveringly expensive, good luck to the seller though.
    Depends if your post the image file or the link file, i prefer not to take up huge amounts of space on the forum so link thumbnails to the photobucket link, where also folks can browse through the rest of the album and see the stuff that doesn't get posted.

    Manoil? I have absolutely no idea, however I suspect that may not be Manoil in that avatar pic. If it is, then get behind me there's a queue!!! :lol:
    Knight, my new friend, how do some pictures stay up and others have to have a photobucket link. BTW Hows manoil?
    Well as mentioned I have both Bilikin A&B pose Keaton Batman figures, the Horizon Keaton Batman, the Revell Kilmer, Horizon Cat woman, two screamin Sormtroopers and a Guyver Dark hero vinyl kits and they've all stood the test of time, all stuffed with newspaper, actually I recently revamped one of the stormtroopers (old nicotine stains) and I know the exact date I originally built it due to the newspaper I stuffed it with. lol.
    Practicaly a speed build isn't it. Good low tech solution. Newspaper.

    I was thinking about what you said about never having posted a finished project. Thats the thing with building stuff, like marathon runners you hit 'The Wall'. It could be a dodgy join or a colour you cant find or some aspect of the whole thing that makes you push it to one side and start something else. I've got a ton of 90% finished unpainted kits.
    I see you are browsing the forum. Shouldn't you be glueing SkyDiver together for my personal amusement?

    Tut tut. LOL

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