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Recent content by ldo

  1. ldo

    Space Family Robinson

    Anybody remember this comic series from the 1960s? They may have been the first to adapt the “Swiss Family Robinson” idea to outer space, but I think the better-known “Lost In Space” TV series was conceived independently. Here is my render of their family home. Totally impractical design, of...
  2. ldo

    Star Trek II “Genesis” Effect

    I never realized it watching the movie at the time, but the “Genesis” effect was a pretty groundbreaking piece of CG work for its day. Some background on it is here. And if you’re interested in other items on vintage computer graphics, the other videos in that area a worth a watch, too.
  3. ldo

    Steampunk on DeviantArt

    Some nice artwork by yereverluvinuncleber on DeviantArt. Any other artists folks want to mention?
  4. ldo

    Preservation Of Old TV

    It is well-known that a lot of the early Doctor Who episodes from the early 1960s are lost. Of the first series of The Avengers from 1961, where John Steed has a male sidekick, just one episode remains. This is because the BBC recorded these on videotape, which was fiendishly expensive at the...
  5. ldo

    Danger Man

    Anybody else remember this old series? The first episodes were made in 1959-1960, that’s how old. Apparently the original concept was for a character very much like James Bond, but once Patrick McGoohan got involved, all that went out the window. The result is, you have an agent, John Drake...
  6. ldo

    Rudyard Kipling’s “With The Night Mail”

    Anybody looking for some steampunk inspiration would do well to read this little novella. Published in 1905, it is set in the ever-popular year 2000, when the “Aerial Board of Control” has become a de-facto world Government. His descriptions of his future aircraft technology I found quite...
  7. ldo

    The Time Tunnel

    Anybody else remember this old Irwin Allen gem? I used to enjoy watching it as a kid, what with being so heavily into science fiction and all. Leaving aside all the caught-in-famous-historical-situation clichés, there were still one or two interesting episodes. For example, the second one, “One...
  8. ldo

    Options In Movie-Making Technology

    I believe Gerry Anderson is reported as saying that he used puppets to begin with because that was the only affordable way he could realize his ideas. And I guess it’s fair to say that, once it became clear to those with the money that his ideas had commercial potential, he was able to take the...
  9. ldo

    Jules-Verne-Inspired Garden

    Just found this photo gallery featuring a model of the Nautilus with a working periscope!
  10. ldo

    Deviant Art: Arcas-Art

    Found another artist on DeviantArt doing UFO-related renderings; Arcas-Art. The women of Moonbase: “Condition Red” “Infiltration” “Moon Boss”
  11. ldo

    LeTourneau Land Trains

    If you want to see some hardware that looks like it came straight out of a science-fiction movie, only it didn’t, Google the subject line. Robert LeTourneau was a real engineer who built real, working equipment, on a breathtaking scale. Though I don’t think any of these multi-segment...
  12. ldo

    Joe 90 Theme Song

    Is it just me, or does the Joe 90 theme sounds like it should have words to it? That lead guitar line has this really vocal character...
  13. ldo

    NASA 3D Models

    Just in case there are people who don’t know this, NASA have made a whole bunch of 3D models of current and past space hardware freely available here. And by “freely” I mean “without restrictions”: because this work was funded by the US Federal Government, it is automatically in the public...
  14. ldo

    Sylvia Anderson In “The Avengers”?

    In Season 4 of “The Avengers” (the black-and-white Emma Peel episodes), there is an episode entitled “How To Succeed... At Murder”. Instructions are communicated to the hench(wo)men via a puppet. But as far as I can see, there is no credit for the voice of the puppet. But to me, the voice is...
  15. ldo

    UFO Moonbase Renderings

    To get more experience with Blender, I have done a couple of model animations of the Moonbase from “UFO”: Control Sphere Interior Exterior These were rendered with the Cycles renderer; the interior one took ½ hour per frame on a quad-core i5.