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  • Guys, just letting you know Eagle Forum will not let me advertise the release of my blueprints, so here's the latest update. CD Vol One will be released Dec 1st. I will have more details in the following days.

    You can also visit my Space:1999 blueprint home page on facebook:
    Moonbase Alpha Reference Guide Home Page

    Great to see your build log, and i hope you get to continue real soon.
    dropped by to wish you luck.
    Thank you for the post, I see you have a couple of albums here, so im going to have a browse.

    Lost touch due to my job in Law Enforcement. Being a Captain for the past 1 -1/2 years takes alot of my time and it took me away from my hobbies too but now I am BACK and ready to go into action mood. It's great to see all of you again!

    Best Regards,
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