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Recent content by matteline

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    What If Airfix fits

    I have not posted on here in a while, and I hope this is the appropriate section. In fact I do hope this artwork is appropaite for the site in general. These are some fake 'What If' Airfix model kits that I wish had been made in the 1970s, when I made frequent trips to the local Beatties Model...
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    The Proteus from fantastic voyage

    I am working on the Moebius 1/32nd scale 'Proteus' from the 1966 movie 'fantastic voyage'. It's a decent kit (should be for $125) and looks great in the box... but as you start looking at it several inaccuracies become apparent. All are fixable. But given that for once, there is a Sci-Fi movie...
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    Albatross from Master of the World movie

    I love the Albatross airship from the 1961 film 'Master of the World' starring Vincent Price. It's a low budget movie based on the Jules Verne novels 'Master of the World' and 'Robur the Conqueror'. The thoughtful screenplay is by Richard Matheson. and it is one of the films that used to get...
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    Ultraquest and 3ft Super 8 ship

    I have posted this in another forum, so I apologise for any repetition. This is a model of a ship I designed and made for a Super 8 film I made in the 1980s. The original model made for the was 6ft long and destroyed during the course of filming. this model is 3ft. I had fun finding kit parts...
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    Super 8 ship and Ultraquest

    This is a model of a ship I designed and made for a Super 8 film I made about 30 years ago. the original model was 6ft long and destroyed during the course of filming. this model is 3ft. I had fun finding kit parts similar to those used on the original model. One kit that was used a lot was the...
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    Thunderbirds Are Go (1966 movie)

    I am a huge fan of the Anderson shows, and 'Thunderbirds' in particular. I was not old enough to have seen it on the original run in 1965, but remember it from as far back as I can remember from repeats in the early 1970s'. I must say though, that I am not a fan of the two Feature Films from...
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    kit-bashed sci-fi Mosquito aircraft

    I've had an idea for a while to kit-bash an aircraft the way some of the fighter planes in 'Thunderbirds' were handled. I based my plane on a DeHavilland Mosquito and used an Airfix 1/72nd kit, so the model is about 10" long. Here are a few pics of the finished model. There is a two part video...
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    Thunderbirds - Fan Edit of the 'original' 25 minute version Day Of Disaster

    Intrigued by the stories of the 'first 9 epsiodes that were originally completed as 30 minutes' I decided to actually sit down and visualize what one of these episodes might have looked like. So using the DVD as source material and editing in Adobe Premier I have made my own interpretation of...
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    Mig-242 from Airfix Interceptor

    I am starting out on building a '1/72nd-ish' scale Mig242, based off of the 'Airfix Angel Interceptor. I've always loved this design and when I was a kid we had a Standard 8, silent black and white movie called 'Joe the Pilot' that featured the last 8 minutes or so of 'Most Special Agent'. I...
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    Thunderbird 3 - at last

    I just finished my Aoshima 'Thunderbird 3'. I've waited forty years to have an accurate model of TB3, and I am so happy with this kit! Thank You Aoshima. I built this virtually straight from the box. That said, I did fill the pretty deep and soft recessed panel lines. I added a couple of panels...
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    Hover Racer kit-bash

    A quick kit-bash of high-speed hover-racer for the 21st Century...or beyond (as it's already 2013!). Heavily inspired by 'Move and You're Dead'... color of the car, style of number on the tail fin, and breakneck desert racing. Essential components are a 1/24 Ferrari, a 1/72nd scale Mirage...
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    Revell TOS Viper

    I am frequent visitor to this site, but just found this area for non Anderson material. I just finished the Revel Viper from the original show. I built the original Monogram kit back in the 70's when the 'Battlestar' movie came out. So it was nice to go back to this old kit - although it has...
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    Airfix Eagle

    I recently moved house and unpacked the last few boxes and my this. an Airfix Eagle I made - aka battled with - about 10 years ago. I didn't go all the way but did some work to get it a bit more accurate; narrowed the spine rigging, adjusted the nose cone / beak, moved the landing gear pods to a...
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    Nautilus from 'Captain Nemo & the Underwater City'

    I'm not sure how many people know of this movie. It's from the late 1960s and stars Chuck Connors and Robert Ryan as Captain Nemo. It used to show on TV during Summer Holidays when I was kid... Irwin Allen's 'The Lost World' and the Vincent Price 'City Beneath the Sea' seemed to be in the time...
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    Mig 242

    I am starting work on a 1/72nd scale Mig 242 (from Joe 90). it will come as no surprise that I am starting with the newly re-released Airfix 1/72nd scale Angel Interceptor. my reference is pulled from assorted stills in the Mike Trim and lan Shubrook books as well as screen grabs from the show...