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Recent content by miger1

  1. miger1

    3D Printing, Kit part database and Rogue One

    Great stuff Mick
  2. miger1

    New Site Issues / Feedback

    Good to be back!(y)
  3. miger1

    Dismantling a vintage kit_old tube glue loosening.

    Hi. I'm looking to strip down a vintage kit to re-build from scratch. It hasn't been painted (good/bad?), but is there a way to make separating the parts easier? I've looked at posts on the site and it rightly explains that old tube glue 'welds' parts together and that putting in a freezer in...
  4. miger1

    Stingray models-an appreciation

    As a longtime Stingray fan, I've seen probably hundreds of scratch-built and mass produced commercial models (as I'm sure many have) and none really get the shape and form close too that of the original prop models. Why is this? An exception was the Airfix/Lyons Maid kit.This was based on the...
  5. miger1

    Thunderbird 5 parts

    is this the one Mike?
  6. miger1

    Kellogg's SPV mail-away model ---anyone got a pic of one?

    Seen it mentioned a few times on here but i've not seen a picture of the Kellogg's SPV mail-away model. Anyone got a image of it to up here please? :thumbup:
  7. miger1

    Custom decals for Airfix Stingray or Comet Stingray decal sheet?

    I'm sure i remember someone here did custom decals /transfers, any help with above please?
  8. miger1

    Has anyone got good quality images of the Stingray original model profile photos?

    I've seen low-res copies,anyone got high-res ones?:)
  9. miger1

    Can someone re-up the colour Angel Interceptor studio model profile pictures please?

    These were posted up a while ago ( i thought by Dazzo, but i may be wrong). I thought i had these saved to my PC but can't find them now. Anyone help? :thumbup: Jim
  10. miger1

    Lego Angel Interceptor

    How cool is this?
  11. miger1

    The real Tracy Island.........sort of! Love the idea of this!:thumbup:
  12. miger1

    New Russian T-50 stealth fighter

    see it here: ----sort of Raptor-lite!:)
  13. miger1

    Derek Meddings signed Thunderbirds prints

    Has anyone got any of these?--if so, can you posts pics?-------they really were superb! They came out in the early 90's and were beautiful pastel prints,each hand signed/numbered in pencil by Derek Meddings and limited to 500 prints each in a series of 4: Thunderbirds 2 to 5 ------------there...