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Mike Delamar
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  • Hi Mike good to here from you, sounds like you have been busy with work, Exact opposite here no film work at all, looks like it wont start until mid year. at least lots of time for models, finished Sky 1 kit, realy pleased how it turned out, plowing on into the diver now, hope to finish in next mouth. hope to get some sales. must ask have you recieved the 2 periscopes yet, Recived amt engine parts kit today, great to finally see parts from elevator car , also picked parts from top of escavator from, martion invasion. best regards Jim.

    Long time no talk, been a while since I came on here, what is it, like 7 months? A lot has happened by the looks of things, including you meeting Gerry Anderson! Nice work with all your kit builds, including the Explosives Tractor. You must tell me how you made it! I have no idea how to utilise balsa wood at all; and you must tell me all the kit parts!


    I have left my memory stick in the comp! please look after it until I see ya next. Thanks for tonight from us both, great will have to do it again.
    Hi Mike, sorry for not replying sooner got back two weeks ago, but went straight to work, the new show is really tough, were only 5 weeks from shoot, and nothing is ready. The next few weeks will be hell. Ah the glamour of the film industry. Talking of LA Was a real buzz, seems like a dream now ,still cant believe that gold shiny thing is siting in the lounge. Your order is almost complete, ive only got 6 more track plates to cast, fiddly things hope to do them this weekend, post next week. No progress on projects im afraid, still hope to finish Skydiver before Christmas. Screen grabbs are fantastic, could you do some Crablogger, and monobrake. Hope all is well regard Jim
    Hi Mike dame i sent those parts just after Cristmas, i guess they got lost somewere, Il put a second batch together, 8 wheel hubs, and 1 SRN1 round duct. Great news on finding the lights ,well done Started drawing up the sky diver what a job 4 days so far, think im getting their . take care, Jim
    Hi Mike great to see you on the forum. did you recieve the wheel hubs, they were posted about 2 weeks ago.Im qiet happy to mould more parts for you , cheers Jim
    Hi Mike
    Bad news about the forum, hope we can stay in touch. My website is and u can contact me via that or email. will be posting more pics on the website soon
    stingray12, best advice I can give you is get down to your local model railway society,also a great forum called will help on anything.
    I know someone made a n gauge replica of midford viaduct on the s&d, was very nice.
    youve got a lot of enthusiasm and sound like you want a lot of models like anyone else, all I can say is take your time, plan and patcience when your building models is the best thing
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