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Recent content by Mike Delamar

  1. Mike Delamar

    WANTED Matchbox Stingray for 3 year old.

    Im looking to find a cheap used Matchbox Stingray for my 3 year old nephew who (thanks to his uncle) is a massive Stingray fan. Im looking for the large 1993 plastic version that a figure could be placed in. Does not have to be boxed it is intended to be played with. thanks Mike
  2. Mike Delamar

    Mat Irvine on 'The Model World of Robert Symes'
  3. Mike Delamar

    Real life woman from city of fire
  4. Mike Delamar

    Recovery vehicles

    by request heres some HD screengrabs of the recovery vehicles from Pit of peril, one thing to note is the continuity errors, 1&2 swop sides a few times. if anymore angles are needed ill do them, but theyre sometimes obscured by smoke. are there any photographs of these? Mike
  5. Mike Delamar

    Clearwater model making company

    do any of you guys know anything about this company? or Pennicott payne and Lille ltd? I always wanted to know a bit more about them, theyre credited at the end of The Thomas the tank engine programmes. I read that it was formed by ex Gerry Anderson employees, David Mitton, Ken Turner and...
  6. Mike Delamar

    '2001' Cadbury ad, from 1986

    came across this, thought you guys would like to see it Mike
  7. Mike Delamar

    Atlantic inferno helijet

    screengrab of the helijet from Atlantic Inferno. quite a small model, has parts from the revell saab draken, b-58 hustler and Airfix srn1. not sure what the main basis is.. Mike
  8. Mike Delamar

    Projects on the go

    here are my projects Im working on at the moment, most need bits tracking down to complete them, working to no deadline at the moment so progress is slow. Aircraft. got most bits, mainly decals to track down. Rescue boat wants hydrofoils and handrails finishing, not too happy with shade of...
  9. Mike Delamar

    Zombite missiles

    heres some screengrabs of the missiles used in The uninvited.. more than likely revell rocket kits.. Mike
  10. Mike Delamar

    Short Circuit

    any fans? Im not sure it can be classed as sci fi, more comedy,but what a funny film :) it was one of my favourite films as a kid, my auntie used to look after my sister and me quite a lot and it was only one of a few decent films she had on video so we used to watch it a lot. wasnt a fan of...
  11. Mike Delamar

    Airliner at London airport

    hi guys before I lost my last pc I had it saved what kit the red and white airliner in the background was, its built standard with the kit decals but cant remember what kit it is, does anyone know? Mike
  12. Mike Delamar

    Hoods submarine

    some HD screengrabs of the hoods submarine what it is constructed of Im not sure, it may be scratchbuilt from wood, or it may be from toy boats, or even a car kit or toy, I thought some of it looked a bit like the underneath of the AMT silhouette car but its not that, the rear part resembles...
  13. Mike Delamar

    London Tower

    was just looking at this to see if the top windows may be a model railway building from faller, kibri vollmer etc. Im not sure, but I think part of the tower could be from the airfix windmill, white piece underneath the windows upside down.. Mike
  14. Mike Delamar

    Space Observatory DKO 3

    here is the satellite featured in Thunderbirds episode The Imposters. looks like its a decent sized model due to the bits stuck on, looks like its made from household kitchen items. kit parts are Airfix footbridge steps, girder bridge and Ripmax handrails and bits. this shot appears first...
  15. Mike Delamar

    Toy tank in Stingray

    anyone recognise the tank on the right? Mike