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Recent content by mirrorman

  1. mirrorman

    Original IMAI Thunderbirds Kit Ads

    Some how I've ended on the Japanese section of Youtube .. :O Here are original B&W ads for the IMAI Thunderbirds kits. Fast forward to 1:30 to start into the nostalgia. :P
  2. mirrorman

    Fan made MOLE adventure

    Found this while surfing the net .. hope it's OK to put this here. Fun home made video of the MOLE on a drilling rescue. Japanese made. :yes:
  3. mirrorman

    Airfix kits ??

    Hi all, I know from reading some threads that Airfix kits of the SRN 1 , Foot Bridge and Girder Bridge were all used on many studio models from Thunderbirds and other Anderson TV shows. Where kits like the Mobile Crane and Engine shed also used?
  4. mirrorman

    SPC design - based on anything ?

    This subject may have been discussed already, sorry if it has has, but was the SPC design from Captain Scarlet based on any real car from the time ? It's just that every time I see the Monkee Mobile (based on a Pontiac GTO) I see similarities, or at least a basic concept, that could become the...
  5. mirrorman

    Fireball XL5 Specification Sheet

    Fireball XL5 Spec Sheet Hi, just new here but I think this is the place to put this. I've had it for many years, and believe it's part of the spec sheet that was supplied to companies who were producing Fireball XL5 related items at the time. Hope these images work .. oh, and sorry for them...