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Recent content by Moebius

  1. Moebius

    Silent Running: In Saturn's Light

    The Valley Forge from Douglas Trumbull's Silent Running. (Valley Forge by Treybor):)
  2. Moebius

    Star Wars: May the 4th be with you

    Star Wars: May the 4th be with you :)
  3. Moebius

    Space 1999: Eagle Hanger

    An update to an old image in a higher resolution.
  4. Moebius

    Space 1999: Surplus to requirment

    Space 1999: Surplus to requirement. (Commander Gorski orders the destruction of the obsolete moonbase.)
  5. Moebius

    Captain Scarlet: Angels SIG

    A new Captain Scarlet image using a very old Angel Interceptor mesh. :)
  6. Moebius

    Thunderbird 4: Megalodon

    He's going to need a bigger submarine. :D
  7. Moebius

    Space 1999: Meta Probe Escort

    An new version of an old image. Higher resolution and updated models.
  8. Moebius

    September 14: 1999

    The day after breakaway, the rebuilding begins. :)
  9. Moebius

    Yes M'Lady! Sylvia Anderson RIP

    RIP Sylvia Anderson. :(
  10. Moebius

    Space 1999: Pursuit

    Experimenting with the Laser turret and it's location. After a bit of humming and hawing I've located it at the back of the Eagle.
  11. Moebius

    Fireball XL5

    A pretty old mesh (From 2000) and I thought I'd take it for a spin before I redid the textures for it.
  12. Moebius

    Learn to Fly the Eagle

    Learn to Fly the Eagle in the state of the art Flight Training Pod.
  13. Moebius

    Space 1999: Evacuate

    A squadron of Eagles at play.
  14. Moebius

    Space 1999: Waiting for rescue

    One careful owner. :D
  15. Moebius

    Space 1999: Satellite Repair

    A new image of the Eagle Workhorse. The freight Eagle.