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Recent content by moonbus

  1. moonbus

    Does any one have any insight to the Discoverys engines.

    Hi all as some of you know I have been working on an engine for the discovery from 2001. Just as I was about to call it done I saw this thread and Keith's drawing (P.19)...
  2. moonbus

    2001 Discovery I need your imput

    With the wonderful build up done by saturnapollo of the 2001 Discovery build up many new observations have come to light. With these new observations I am trying to create a revised engine for the Discovery (This is for a larger Discovery). My fist effort seems to be to short and I wanted to...
  3. moonbus

    2001 Blue-ray I need help

    I need help and wanted to know if some one who has the Blue-ray set up could get a screen capture for me of the back of the engine of the Discovery one or two frames before this one I pulled this off of the Flicker sight but can't contact dcharletta. If you want to get in touch with me...