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Recent content by Oblivion

  1. Oblivion

    'Robo Warden' from Doctor Who The High Cost Of Parking

    'Robo Warden' from Doctor Who 'The High Price Of Parking'
  2. Oblivion

    NBC TIMELESS - The Time Teams Secret Bunker

    The underground secret bunker that houses the Lifeboat time machine in NBC's TV series TIMELESS.
  3. Oblivion

    NBC Timeless the Lifeboat 'Protocol' tube

    As seen in the episode 'Stranded'.
  4. Oblivion

    The 'Lifeboat' from the NBC TV series TIMELESS

    Scratch built 'Lifeboat' time machine from the American NBC television series 'TIMELESS'.
  5. Oblivion

    The Avengers TV series Scratch Built Prop Replicas

    My scratch built replica props from the 1960's TV series 'The Avengers'. Baby Bouncer : Something Nasty In The Nursery Broadcast Power Transmitter: The Positive Negative Man Dr. Primbles Laser Gun : From Venus With Love Winged Avenger Enterprises Sign : The Winged Avenger Emma...
  6. Oblivion

    Skaro Dalek Airlock Control Unit

    Scratch built from scrap Acrylic pieces. Seen in The Magicians Apprentice, The Witch's Familiar and Face the Raven.
  7. Oblivion

    Teleport Bracelet from Face the Raven

  8. Oblivion

    Mire Medical Restoration Chip

    from The Girl Who Died.
  9. Oblivion

    Odin's Viking Testosterone Vial

    Scratch built from plastic.
  10. Oblivion

    Jenny's Sonic Gauntlet

    From 'Deep Breath'.
  11. Oblivion

    The 11th Doctors Lash Up Mobile Phone

  12. Oblivion

    Madame Vastra's Sonic Pin.

    The original prop on the left and the replica I'm building on the right. I've an acrylic ball curing to replace the solid stand-in one I'm using at the moment.
  13. Oblivion

    Madame Kovarian's Eye-Drive

    Made from liquid rubber,